There are plenty of tools designed for non-technical people out there, but gShift Labs recently scored some extra special attention for their simple Web Presence Optimizer. Voted Most Promising Start-Up of the Year by the York Technology Association, this is a company you may want to keep track of if you're looking to boost your SEO strategy without getting your hands dirty. 

Organic Search Results

The gShift Labs Web Presence Optimizer is a SaaS-based, download and installation-free SEO platform designed for marketers looking for a simple time.

Here's how it works: When a user implements a plain language recommendation from the platform, it gets linked to their Web analytics for tracking over time. This way, it is easy to understand how a particular change has impacted organic ranking and traffic to your website:

Web Presence Optimizer Beta Dashboard

"No longer is website-centric SEO enough," claims the company. "You need to optimize your entire web presence (website, blogs, press releases, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) every single day because search engines care about all of it. If your web presence isn’t ranking high organically, you are missing out on a lot of qualified traffic."

Technology Leadership

The award from the York Technology Association demonstrates the need for low-maintenance solutions in the SEO pool. And, as the brainchild of Krista LaRiviere, it's not exactly a surprise that gShift Labs was the one to get handed the baton-- this is LaRiviere's third start-up. 

"...each time we’ve turned to the experience and collaborative nature of fellow YTA members," she said. "Being recognized by colleagues and the community is an honor and creates the motivation to strive for the next category. The market is embracing our SEO platform and our business plan is on track.”

If you're a marketer interested in at least one of the following, gShift's solution might be worth checking out: 

  • Generating more revenue by driving qualified traffic to their websites
  • Decreasing the costs related to monitoring and tracking search engine performance over time
  • Reducing the risk of having the data associated with a web presence and organic search stored outside of the company

Web Presence Optimizer officially shed its beta clothes in April, and you can check out official pricing here