gShift Labs Adds Keyword Search to SEO Platform
gShift Labs (news, site), providers of the SaaS-based tool called Web Presence Optimizer (which aims to do exactly what it sounds like it aims to do) recently integrated WordStream Keyword Research. The addition provides even more ways to optimize webpages and improve organic search engine rankings. 

From what we gather, WordStream Keyword Search finds keywords based on actual site traffic and goal conversions, and continuously suggests new ones rather than make you play the guessing game. 

The WordStream science also picks out negative keyword, which are equally important when searching out words that aren’t useful to a campaign. The resulting domino effect goes like this:

  1. WordStream continuously refines a keyword list 
  2. Clickthrough rate improves
  3. Quality Score improves
  4. Cost Per Click decreases

Mix this technology with the gShift Labs SEO Platform, and you've got a highly relevant discovery tool. "We can now offer customers the Web's most powerful keyword research and analysis data,” said Krista LaRiviere, CEO and Co-Founder of gShift Labs. “This will help customers discover highly relevant and profitable keywords in order to drive more organic search engine traffic, more leads and more online sales for their businesses.”

"...the grouping and organization features of our API through the Web Presence Optimizer give users the ability to organize massive lists of jumbled keywords so they can author optimized content and develop site architectures around tightly knit, themed clusters of relevant keywords," added WordStream Director of Marketing, Tom Demers. "

Here's a visual of how it works:

Companies to Watch 

These two companies are doing great things separately as well as together. gShift Labs was previously awarded by the York Technology Association, demonstrating the need for low-maintenance solutions in the SEO pool, and WordStream was recently named an “OnDemand Top 100 Winner for SaaS” by AlwaysOn

If you're in the market to generate more revenue by driving qualified traffic, or to decrease the costs related to monitoring and tracking search engine performance, you should check out more information here