engagesciences-logo-2011.jpg Sometimes an end, like OpenText's acquisition of Vignette, leads to a new beginning -- the creation of EngageSciences and a new social media marketing platform.

For three Vignette employees, including the CTO of Vignette Media, the acquisition by OpenText meant a fresh start. An opportunity to escape the big-company bureaucracy and create a new company focused on the current consumer landscape.

It's little wonder then why these three Web 2.0 veterans saw a social media marketing industry in its infancy as the new frontier. This shared vision lead to birth of EngageSciences and a new player in the social media marketing game.

What Does EngageSciences Bring to the Table? 

EngageSciences refers to its social media marketing solution as the "The Platform". Frankly, I admire the confidence but time will tell if the product is strong enough to support such a moniker. Speaking of the product, it is targeted both at consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B).

For Companies Marketing to Consumers

"The Platform" allows you to centralize the creation and management of marketing campaigns with the goal of acquiring more followers and fans. From a single interface, you can:

  • Publish content to Facebook pages, Twitter streams and the corporate website
  • Manage promotions like sweepstakes, coupons and quizzes
  • Gather comments, posts and tweets related to your campaign

For Companies Marketing to Businesses

While the consumer side is about creating fans of your brand, the business side is about generating leads for the sales team. The functionality described above is re-used for B2B marketing except that instead of sweepstakes and quizzes, the content being promoted is webinars and whitepapers.

Furthermore, campaigns are targeted at LinkedIn and Twitter with more focus on social advocacy and the expansion of existing sales channels.

What About Agencies?

If you run an agency, EngageSciences is ready to partner. "The Platform" is designed to help agencies:

  • Save resources (e.g. time and money) on social media marketing campaigns
  • Turn social advocacy into sales conversions
  • Aggregate results from multiple channels into a single interface and then optimize operations

If you are curious about what the interface looks like, check out this video:

"The Platform" from EngageSciences on Vimeo.

Is Anyone Using It?

Too many companies make the mistake of launching a product before there are any customers to present. The founders of EngageSciences avoid this misstep by showcasing an already impressive customer portfolio including: Forbes Magazine, Ferrari World, Baynote, Reading Room and 23red.

Are you using "The Platform"? If so, we would love to hear about it in the comments below.