Just when you think you have your Facebook fan page strategy down, a new report provides more insight into how users interact and engage. This week, PageLever shared new statistics and analysis that seem to indicate that Facebook Pages with more fans receive fewer unique Page views per fan.

Better Engagement Through News Feeds...

While it may be disconcerting to think all that Facebook fan promotion to gain fans may have been in vain, careful consideration of this new information may allow you to develop a better engagement strategy. If you have a lot of fans -- say more than 1 million -- your fans are most likely engaging with you through their news feeds and not your actual fan page.

...And Other Useful Stats

By analyzing PageLever’s dataset of 400 million Facebook fans from across the Pages of its beta testers, it found a few juicy morsels that can help us better manage our Facebook communities.

Pages get a much higher percentage of their page views from Facebook’s internal referral mechanisms, like the search bar, than from external referrers such search engines and links on websites. Because of this, you may want to focus your SEO efforts less on Google and more on the internal Facebook search engine.

The rate of news feed impressions and unique page views decrease as a Page grows larger; unique Page views decrease much faster. When engaging existing users, develop and implement a successful news feed posting strategy rather than designing and promoting page applications.

Ad campaigns and promotions work to get fans, but once users are fans, they typically only interact with pages through the news feed. Instead of developing applications that users can interact with from a fan page, PageLever recommends that apps should be developed so that users can interact with them from within the news feed.

As Facebook expands, so does the way its users interact with pages. To optimize the flow of information, users are customizing their news feeds. In turn, to get their attention, the information we push out needs to be compelling and engaging without taking them away from their feeds.