Cisco's SocialMiner Integrates Social Media with CRM
Cisco (news, site) is branching out in the Social CRM direction with SocialMiner 8.5, a revamped social media monitoring tool that listens to and delivers communications from across the Web (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) directly to customer-service agents.

How Does it Work?

No doubt with the magic of Lexalytics backing it, Cisco's SocialMiner 8.5 searches sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for important keywords and phrases (for more on this technology, point yourself in this direction). The findings are then prioritized and sent to customer-service agents using existing queuing and workflow processes so that issues can be tended to as quickly as possible. 





Cisco Systems SocialMiner 


  Perks include: 

  • Groups feeds into campaigns to organize all posting activity related to a product category or business objective
  • Produces metrics on campaign activity
  • Provides the ability to configure multiple campaigns to search for customer postings on specific products or services
  • Groups social contacts for handling by the social media customer care team
  • Enables filtering of social contacts based on preconfigured campaign filters to focus campaign searches
  • Allows work to be routed to the appropriate team by grouping each post or social contact into different categories
  • Allows users to take advantage of the full suite of Cisco Collaboration tools, including Cisco Quad, Cisco Show and Share, and Cisco Pulse technology

(Check out a full list here.)

How is it Different? 

This is essentially how most social media monitoring systems work, but Cisco claims SocialMiner's added ability to be "trained" is what makes it shine. That is, users can take advantage of Cisco's filtering technology to fine-tune searching capabilities.  According to Ross Daniels, Cisco's director of Market Management, Collaboration Solutions, the whole approach is "much more organized and scalable than what we see in most existing [social media monitoring] tools."

Further, the connection with CRM is, of course, fairly significant. "Companies are good at pushing marketing messages out there, but they're not always as good at listening to feedback," added Daniels. "Customer care has typically been an afterthought."  

Driving Customer Satisfaction

As you'll see the majority of this month (Social CRM is our theme for November), "customer care as an afterthought" just isn't cutting it anymore. 

A recent comment from Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus touches on the changing times: "We're entering this new world where we're offering a free service, but the consumer expectation about the support around that service [has] been built by Amazon, where they're a paying customer." 

Pincus went on to say that taking 72+ hours to respond to a customer just isn't acceptable anymore, and though he's coming from a gaming angle, expectations have begun to change in similar ways across the board. 

Fully aware of the modern customer, Cisco hopes connecting social media to customer care will drive customer satisfaction in a big way. In fact, they're so confident in their new tool that they're giving SocialMiner away for free to existing Cisco Contact Center customers. Otherwise, you can get more information on the product here