igloo_logo_2009.jpg It's going to be an interesting Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco next week. Among the announcements, you can expect to hear from IGLOO Software. At the conference they will be unveiling their new framework for building community solutions.

The new Online Community Platform has four primary components to it including:

  • Theme Manager: Control the brand of your community through layouts and design.
  • Global Configuration Panel: Turn applications on and off
  • Widget Manager: Drag and drop capability as well as create and configure custom built widgets
  • Open API's: Integration with other applications and solutions including CRM, ERP and cloud-based solutions such as Salesforce.com and Google Gadgets.

IGLOO is banking on their Open API's and widget based architecture to push their Online Community Platform to the forefront as it will enable organizations to get a community up and running quickly. Integration with key third party content and applications will also contribute to its ability to deliver. After all, it's clear that a community that operates in a silo does not add advantage to an organization.

"The new platform is all about flexibility and modular applications that enable interconnected networks of teams and individuals within an organization to work together more efficiently and effectively," says David Shak, VP of Platform Development for IGLOO Inc.

Want to see how easy their framework is to use? Watch this video or read the presentation.