Webcast - Human Factor Interaction Research
With all the recent predictions for the new year, it can get a little overwhelming to think of all the opportunities that lie ahead. Such a whirlwind of hope and optimism can cause many of us to lose focus and forget the lessons learned from the year before. Fortunately, the folks at Human Factors International, a company focused on software usability is here to help. On Thursday, January 10 at 3:30 p.m. EST, HFI features a free Webcast called "What have we learned? Looking back at 2007: Highlights and takeaways from recent Human-Computer Interaction research". Based upon a white paper by the same name, the Webcast, hosted by Susan Weinschenk and Dean Barker, will examine six of HFI's favorite studies and their practical impact on user experience design. Among the issues examined are: * Trust factors in health Web sites * Data-gathering methods for children * Usable error messages on the Web * Aesthetic perceptions of Web pages * Eye gaze patterns for searching vs. browsing The broadcast will include audio/video and slides, concluding with a live Q&A session where you can submit questions. Start the new year off on an organized foot and plan ahead -- read the white paper if you can't attend the event.