Optimizing Your Webtrends Analytics with QuantivoRemember Quantivo (news, site)? They've got that SaaS application designed to bring behavioral Web analytics data down to a level that anyone can understand. And they've just optimized it to import Webtrends data.  

Answering Common Questions

If you don't remember, Quantivo's approach to behavioral analytics works to eliminate the exaggerated use of expensive statisticians by allowing corporate decision makers to uncover revenue-generating insights themselves.

With focused segmentations, segmentation comparisons, context-specific targeting and instant export, organizations can reportedly ask simple questions like, How many people come to my site and look at sports content per week? and get immediate answers.

You Won't Notice a Thing

Once you transfer all data (standard and custom) from Webtrends to Quantivo--the company says doing so won't impact website tags or current deployments--users will be able to analyze information that spans years without sampling. This info can then be combined with online data and other marketng, sales, support, social media or POS data to show a complete picture of customer behavior.

As a fan of the biggest names in Web analytics, Quantivo has also been offering the same integration to Omniture customers since around this time last year. You can get an idea of how it works via their overview demo, which starts with Web analytics data that has been uploaded into Quantivo's solution: 

Where is the Need?

Then again, if you've already got Webtrends, perhaps you don't even need the Quantivo bridge. Webtrends released Optimize Advanced Targeting earlier this year, a solution that also offers self-service testing, segmentation and targeting. 

"Now, marketers can test, segment, target and personalize content within a single environment holistically with little or no IT assistance," said Webtrends' vice president of product, Casey Carey, at the time. 

We suppose if one doesn't work out, then perhaps the other one will. Has anybody out there tried both of these solutions? What did you think?