What do you get when you combine premium content with user intent? A partnership between Mochila (news, site) and Netseer that seeks to deliver content-based ad units that are tailored more accurately to the user’s immediate needs than ads targeted by context keywords.

The Partners

Mochila is best known for their massive online media marketplace that allows publishers access to quality photos, video and content. With more than 1,500 top-tier distributors, Mochila works to broaden a brand’s reach, while creating large-scale advertising opportunities. Supported by deep-dive metrics, an approach that is 100-percent customized and known for their short-term/high integration effort, advertisers can run ads within certain content categories like specific publisher or by keyword.

Netseer, by contrast, employs ad solutions that are based on a concept matching technology rather than keyword match or popularity ranking. Claiming that “keywords in isolation fall short of understanding the full intent of the user while popularity ranking may obscure the subject the user is interested in,” Netseer seeks to understand the user’s interests or intent in real time.

The Partnership

Through a strategic agreement with NetSeer, Mochila has licensed NetSeer’s concept-based advertiser and publisher solutions. This means that ad-supported links can be both conceptually relevant to a site and linked to associated search ads, which can further engage prospective brand advertisers.

Being able to integrate NetSeer’s unique scientific approach so that Web-derived “concepts” can be identified, Mochila will apply those concepts to its Ad Impact Platform (AIP), ultimately seeking to enhance its ability to deliver relevant ads within targeted content.

The Result

By taking traditional targeted advertising and adding new contextual and behavioral elements, concept-based advertising is poised to bring new benefits to what Mochila calls the “online advertising ecosystem.”

And while advertisers and publishers can better monetize their content, consumers can benefit as well, by being able to receive relevant and useful information to supplement their online user experience.