Kyte Revamps, Offers Fully Loaded Video Management
Though Kyte (news, site) originally launched as a consumer-focused video product, the company has been aggressively expanding their services for their Tier 1 clients. Hoping to become an online video platform provider to reckon with, today’s release of Kyte Console 2.0 offers improved content management as well as some nifty new features.  

Flying High

What’s arguably most notable about Kyte Console 2.0 is that it that the platform now functions as an easier-to-navigate little melting pot, combining online, mobile and social video platforms. The overhaul, claims Kyte’s COO Gannon Hall, focused on more than just getting video online:

Users expect a highly interactive experience, and for us that meant we had to look at not only online video, but video on mobile devices and video in the social network context. We looked at UGC, mobile streaming, live and on-demand content. It's really quite a reworking from the ground up, and we think it will provide an improved overall user experience and help streamline workflow.

Post revamp, will Kyte’s offering be a soup-to-nuts video solution? Let’s look at a rundown of what they’re offering:

  • Improved User Experience and Workflow: Usability and workflow enhancements make it easier than ever to accomplish routine and complex tasks
  • Manual and Smart Playlists: Manually group shows into playlists or automate the process by creating smart playlists based on custom criteria, such as newest, or most popular shows
  • Channel & Player Management: Configure your channels, including engagement capabilities, and deliver through a wide range of standard or custom online and mobile players
  • Editorial Workflow and User Roles: Assign functional user roles and enable editorial workflows to streamline processes and allow team members to focus on their core tasks.
  • Audio Shows with Slideshow: Audio shows can be created with an accompanyinslideshow, enabling the distribution of audio content while displaying related pictures
  • Show Scheduling and Moderation: Shows can be scheduled with start and end dates and times

Also, also, they've tossed some prettier analytics into the mix with a more in-depth performance visualization:


Kyte Console 2.0 analytics screenshot


In any case, using their services to address current and upcoming trends in the online video space certainly puts Kyte’s little platform in a tight race with other video providers like Kaltura. (Although, we're sure our readers particularly love Kaltura's direct connection to Joomla, and being recognized by IDC suggests that a lot of other people dig them too.)  

Moreover, Kyte's current client list is impressive, and they recently extended their mobile application framework to the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia platforms, which can only mean growth, growth, growth. 

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