Brightcove (news, site) is backed by a team bent on proving that their online video platform isn’t just another YouTube.

Their most recent efforts include the release of Brightcove 4, which offers support for native iPhone video application development, better live streaming capabilities, analytics, and some resources for video distribution, monetization and custom online video applications.

The goals of the new release are broken down into 4 categories: 

Deliver high-quality video experiences across desktops and devices

Brightcove 4 offers custom cloud encoding for more control and more formats as well as  a
Universal Delivery Service (UDS) which enables the delivery of content to viewers all over the place (on a PC, mobile device, connected television or set-top box). 

Additionally, the Brightcove Player and Software Development Kit (SDK) for the iPhone opens the door to iPhone applications and mobile video websites.

Maximize the business value of online video

In order to help businesses and organizations generate more value, Brightcove has provided their users with access to advertising networks and servers from big names like Google and Yahoo as well as FireeWheel and the OpenX ad technology platform. 

On the ever-popular analytics and social tips, the company now highlights a user's most effective and ineffective initiatives as well as offer sharing opportunities with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
Support for live streaming and media sharing helps publishers get their content across the Web and in more faces ( = better chances for re-distribution). 

Harness the power of cloud-based services to extend online video

Here Brightcove offers some enhanced APIs for developers to build real-time integrations within their Web applications for driving SEO and better workflow. 

Brightcove Experience Markup Language (BEML) cuts out the need for Flash programming while the iPhone SDK introduces pre-built components for playback, social sharing, and content discovery. 

Available for any online video project, no matter how large or small

Brightcove wants to be within reach for every professional website project or organization, so their new Express edition reportedly packs in all the essentials for online video projects and will run you US$ 99 dollars per month.

Also, also, the company boasts CMS integrations with solutions such as WordPress, TypePad, Drupal, Joomla and Ektron.

“As video becomes pervasive on the Web, publishers face increasingly complex and demanding requirements that often span multiple use-cases and devices,” said Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove chairman and chief executive officer. “Brightcove 4 provides a powerful and extensible suite of new services that make it easy for customers to execute three-screen strategies and generate additional value from online video through new distribution and monetization opportunities. And with Brightcove Express, the Brightcove 4 platform is accessible for any size organization and projects of any scope.”

Convinced? You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Brightcove Express here.