In its own blog on blogs (metablog?), Web monitoring company Pingdom is reporting the results of a study with news that WordPress is used by 48% of the top 100 blogs worldwide. The group increased that number 32% since its last study in 2009, Pingdom said. Further, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg is looking to expand adoption rates moving forward.     

The last few years we’ve really focused on both the usability and flexibility of WordPress, which has resulted in accelerating growth in both big and small sites. I expect even higher adoption among the largest sites and blogs over the next year,” Mullenweg said.  

Study Findings Document Market Shifts

Pingdom reports custom blog publishing platforms have become commonplace now, perhaps in an effort to use IT as a corporate competitive advantage. Other evidence of this is a growing resistance in companies' willingness to share data about usage. This was cited as one reason it took so long to complete the study. Pingdom writes: "So in the last three years, big websites, or at least the people who run them, seem to have become more secretive about the technology behind them. In fact, within the data, there are still 8 of the top 100 sites that no data was available (shown as N/A in the study.) 

royalpingdom.pngBeyond WordPress growing from 32 to 48 of the top 100 blogs, other select findings of note from the study include:

  • Hosted WordPress sites increased from 5 to 9, while self-hosted solutions increased from 27 to 39.
  • TypePad decreased from 16 to just 2.
  • Movable Type lost 5 sites.
  • Drupal gained 2 sites.
  • Out of the publisher-specific platforms, Gawker decreased by 3 sites, BlogSmith by 10 sites.
  • Tumblr and CrowdFusion make an entrance on the top 100 with 1 site each.
  • Google’s Blogger is dropped 1 site (down to 2.)    

Other Details Available 

The group said to get to the data, it froze the list (from Technorati top 100) on March 20, 2012, then began the investigation. The study includes the list of top 100 blog sites with Huffington Post at the top, and Mashable!, BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast and The Verge rounding out the top five. Interestingly, WordPress is used by Huffington, but none of the others in this group. In fact, custom sites take four of the top ten blog sites, with WordPress hosting just three.  Expand to the top twenty, and WordPress begins to dominate with half (10 of the top 20 sites use WordPress).

To dig into the raw data, drop by the site, which includes a list of the top 100 blogs surveyed, complete with URL and CMS details. You'll also find 2009 vs. 2012 top 100 blog platform changes.