It's a big day for Skien, Norway-based eZ Systems, which released the latest version of its flagship open source content management system this morning.

The company describes the new release, eZ Publish 5.4, as more agile, more powerful and easier to learn and use than previous versions. Just as significantly, it's the last of the current 5.x generation.

"With 5.4, we’ve carved out a clear path to upgrade to our next generation, which will definitely be a release you should consider upgrading to, whatever your plans are," Roland Benedetti, Chief of Product and Marketing at eZ Systems, noted in a recent blog post.

The next generation platform will replace the legacy kernel with a new kernel and new APIs and advance the Symfony framework introduced in eZ Publish Platform 5.x. It will also offer a new user interface that Benedetti claims will provide "a significantly improved user experience to anyone working with content."

End of an eZ Era

But back to today's release. It's the "most stable and most powerful version to date," said Aleksander Farstad, eZ co-founder and CEO, and will be supported until November 2019. "We're excited for developers to get their hands on it," Farstad added.

Scott Solomon, a content marketer at eZ Systems, said this release significantly improves developer experience because it relies very little on the old legacy system. "For developers, this makes 5.4 more agile and more powerful than before thanks to the Symfony framework," he said.

It should also make things easier for newcomers to learn the platform, for Symfony users to use and integrate it with other Symfony projects, and for eZ developers to move to the new stack and take advantage of its benefits, Solomon explained.

The new release brings 28 new features, 45 improvements and 184 bug fixes. It also provides a standard way to implement the management and delivery of premium content, which Solomon called "a clear case where content really means business."

"You can promote your premium content to all your readers and deliver it in its full version only to the subscribers that have the right permissions for it, whether it’s based on a subscription or on any other mechanism," Solomon continued. You can learn more about the release in this 5.4 brochure (pdf).

One final note: eZ will host re:VISION New York: Exploring the Trends of Content & Closed Loop Marketing from 2 pm to 5 pm Dec. 9 in New York City.


It’s still conference season at Hippo, and the team boasts it is "flying all over the world spreading the word of open integrations, business agility and data-powered relevant experiences." It feels like just yesterday, our CMO Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer was speaking at Couchbase Connect. Since then, he’s also been to #JBoye14.

This week, the team is at Gilbane 2014: Content and Digital Experience in Boston. The three day conference, which runs through tomorrow at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, offers tracks including:

  • Content, Marketing and the Customer Experience
  • Content, Collaboration and Employee Engagement
  • Re-imagining the Future: Technology and the Postdigital Experience
  • Digital Strategies for Publishing and Media

Gilbane 2014 speakers include industry experts like the Digital Clarity Group's Scott Liewehr, #MarTech expert Scott Brinker and Hippo CTO Arjé Cahn. In the lead up to the event, Cahn was featured in a Gilbane Speaker Spotlight, giving his views on the future of tech and marketing collaboration and digital experience. The key questions:

Given that there are more smartphones than PCs on the planet and both will be important for the foreseeable future, how should organization’s content delivery priorities and technologies change? How is yours changing? Marketing is the most talked about discipline that needs to take on more responsibility for technology to be effective. What can other departments learn from the discussion around marketing technology and marketing technologists?

Read his answers here.


Jahia released a free, first-steps online training package for Digital Factory 7. It's designed to "accelerate the interest and the adoption" of Jahia's digital industrialization vision.

Digital industrialization suggests the development of an uninterrupted, optimized and continuous workflow of digital experiences, from the identification of a business need to the delivery of a solution to meet that need. It offers organizations the ability to respond to business needs quickly and automatically as part of the organization's digital evolution, the company noted when it released Jahia 7 earlier this year.

The training packages address the needs of editors, administrators and developers — the three profiles that usual interact with the platform. Each package includes a video and presentation and are intended to help each type of user get the most value out of the platform. The training is available here


Liferay recently revealed the Liferay Developer Network, a new website  developed specifically for those who use Liferay and write code on its platform. You can learn more about the new site in this blog post.

It's also released Audience Targeting, a new Marketplace App for Liferay 6.2 that's intended to "raise the engagement experience of your portal to a whole new level" with personalized content for site visitors. The app allows you to segment your audience, target specific content to different user segments and create campaigns to target content to user segments. It also allows you to track user actions and generate reports that provide insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns.


The Magnolia released Magnolia 5.3.5. You can browse all the key fixes and enhancements, including improved login and work performance, here.

The team also announced its partnership and integration with IBM’s WebSphere Commerce, which it boasts provides Magnolia with "a seamlessly integrated e-commerce solution, with deep process integration and massive scalability." As part of this announcement, the team presented the integration on a webcast hosted by IBM.

The team ran several other webinars, including one on migrating from earlier Magnolia versions to version 5.3. Magnolia's migration expert Nicolas Barbé provided the audience with an overview of what's new in Magnolia CMS 5.3 and walked them through the migration process. He also demonstrated the Magnolia migration process and highlighted key challenges and best practices.


Nuxeo announced the general availability of Nuxeo Platform 6.0, the latest long term support version of the Nuxeo Platform. Over the past year, Nuxeo released five Fast Track versions of the platform. "Our early adopter community has benefited from many new and innovative features introduced in these FT releases as we made the journey from Nuxeo Platform 5.8 to 6.0," Nuxeo CMO Bob Canaway wrote in a blog post.

This latest version of the Nuxeo Platform includes major advancements in cloud readiness, performance, scalability, user productivity, mobile experience and interoperability.


SilverStripe released two new stable versions, 3.1.7 and 3.1.8, which include the following features:

  • CMS re-authentication to be able to re-log in when editing content and the session expires
  • Improvements to the default admin user handling
  • A new Flushable interface to standardize the way of exposing custom logic and behavior to the manifest and cache flushing mechanism
  • Bug and security fixes

This month, SilverStripe Framework and CMS will be releasing a series of new screencast lessons and educational content as well as a refreshed documentation website. "Just in time to spend the holidays learning and improving your SilverStripe development," the team suggests. Keep an eye on the new documentation site, now under construction. 


Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware released an update its current branch last month, including Tiki 13.1, and also provided long term support upgrades for versions 12.3 and 9.9. Work continues on the next version, Tiki 14, which is expected to be in beta by the end of the year.


The TYPO3 team is making big steps forward with TYPO3 Neos, released last summer. The next version — 1.2 — is nearing release with multiple new features, including full content translation support. A demo of the current beta is available here.

In addition, the team is making strides on the version after that, thanks to a month long code sprint supported by the TYPO3 Association. Expect to see a preview release that shows off the new features including cloud hosted resources, configurable rights management, translated backend and integrated SEO features soon.

Teams are also continuing to work on the first version of TYPO3 CMS7. "The current momentum is overwhelming. More than 300 merges have been done within just one month, which is about three times as much as under usual conditions," it reports.

The backend has undergone a facelift, "closing the gap to younger content management systems and still keeps charging," the team boasts.

A new, leaner and slicker look should make working with the system easier and more intuitive, while making the new backend capable of working easily on tablets by giving the editor more space to focus on editing content. All secondary options also move into a less intrusive color scheme, shifting the attention to the content that is being edited.

The first version of CMS7 is slated for release this week.