Webnodes Updates Its Semantic .Net Web CMS, Adds E-Commerce, MobileNorway-based Webnodes has released a new version of its .Net semantic content management system (CMS). The latest release, version 3.8, features semantic e-commerce, several new mobile features and support for ASP.Net MVC.

What’s New in Webnodes

Webnodes' CMS isn’t the typical hierarchical CMS platform. Instead, Webnodes embraces semantic technology (Web 3.0), which allows users to separate content, presentation and meaning. Users define a content model (ontology) based the relationships between the content types, which makes the content and its relationships the focus, not how content is used on pages. This approach has a number of benefits:

  • Easier content reuse across delivery mechanisms and channels
  • More flexible and natural a navigation
  • Improved search and content recommendation

Now, Webnodes has taken the platform a step further with Webnode 3.8. 

The release features several improvements on the last release. The platform now supports ASP.Net MVC 3 and the more traditional webforms. If you have no plans to adopt MVC -- no worries -- the company has said it will continue to support both technologies. The platform also allows users to mix ASP.Net MVC and webforms in the same project.

In addition to support for MVC, Webnodes 3.8 includes new support for mobile web development. The updated framework allows developers to create mobile optimized templates and includes specialized mobile user interface controls. There is also a new extensible mobile detection method that determines if a visitor is using a mobile device so that developers can deliver targeted content. The CMS editor interface has been updated with a new mobile preview mode that lets developers’ see how a page might look on a typical smartphone.

The final set of improvements in the platform is around selling online. The company has updated its e-commerce module with several technical improvements that make the module more flexible. Developers can look forward to better extensibility of the payment system, dynamic attachment support and a redesigned email notification system. Webnodes has also released a new e-commerce demo and starter site that provides examples of how to use popular new technologies like web sockets and SignalR.

Getting More Information

If you would like more information about the latest release, you can view a demo video, play with an online demo or try out the software on your own by visiting the Webnodes trial web page. Although Webnodes doesn’t have as much brand recognition in North America as some other .Net CMS platforms, it does offer a unique approach to managing content that may be appealing to organizations looking to make the jump to semantic technology.