squiz_logo_2009.jpgUK-based Sydney-based open source vendor Squiz.net (news, site) has rebundled its MySource Matrix v3.20 content management software so that companies looking to install it will be able to acquire all its different elements, even the high-end applications, using its existing GPL, out-of-the box and free of charge.

The company says its goal is to give its clients the tools to build even the most complex web systems without having to install additional product extenders, modules or widgets.

Single Package Covers All

According to Steve Morgan, MD of Squiz UK, the new bundling will allow companies download v3.20, assess the entire MySource Matrix v3.20 package and then fine-tune and develop the elements the user needs to customize an enterprise website.

What this will do, he says, is significantly reduce the complexity of evaluating and testing a Web Content Management System and cuts out the need for tie-ins, or spaghetti modifications with additional feature sets or ‘extenders’.

As part of this process, Squiz has also adjusted its secondary SSV (Squiz Supported Version) license, which gathers together all v3.20’s high-end application integration tools into a single package, placing them under the GPL (General Public Licence).

This is, in turn, will take that pain out of deciding whether to opt for the GPL or SSV version of the product.

The company now expects that only users who require third-party applications and web services will take-up the SSV option, which also offers an advanced application warranty from Squiz.

v3.20 Incorporates 58 New Features

Squiz has also put v3.20 of MySource Matrix out on general availability. With this rebundling, Squiz has also provided a number of new out-of-the-box Web 2.0 features and brought them together as a single application.

There is, for example, the new YouTube WYSIWYG Plug-in that comes in the form of a new tool icon in the WYSIWYG editor. This allows for the easy integration of content hosted on YouTube though a pop-up window that offers a number of different content options.

There is also a Quick Link WYSIWYG Plug-in that turns URL or e-mail addresses into a link at the touch of a button.

The WYSIWYG "Insert Image" tool will now create an Image asset from files in a pop-up window from a file uploaded within the pop-up window, while the Troubleshooting Tool allows users to switch accounts without a password.

In fact, there are a total of 58 changes listed as part of the new v3.20 package. And now with the new GPL rebundling, they are available with a single install.

“Our new license packaging addresses that fact that 99% of enterprise-class software applications are immensely difficult to assess and acquire,” said Steve Morgan, MD at Squiz UK. “[This] new bundling means we can now provide all of the elements you’ll ever need to build an advanced enterprise-class web site right out of the box.”