squiz_logo_new_2009.jpgSquiz (news, site) breaks away from its normal monthly update news to bring breaking details about a bunch of updates, adjustments and improvements to both MySource Matrix and MySource Mini.

Freeing Up The SSV Modules

Perhaps the biggest take away from Squiz's rush of news is that it is now a completely open source CMS, having released its SSV modules under the GPL license (note that Funnelback search is not GPL). These tools include import and conversion tools for apps like SharePoint or data from Google Maps.They are available in the latest MySource Matrix version 3.28, which is downloadable now.

Editing Just Got Easier

Squiz has also added a new interface called Easy Edit that is designed to help content creators get on with their job rather than having to learn their way around a new editor.

It has a preview and edit mode and a smart toolbar that breaks down depending on what you wish to edit, from content, metadata, linking.


Upgrading Just Got Faster

Taking advantage of these new features is now easier as the upgrade process has been improved with speed improvements. On the back end, there are now also HTML manuals -- searchable, thanks to its recent Funnelback acquisition -- for all the features, making it easier to track down information.

MySource Mini Integrates With MySource Matrix

The company's other big news is a new version of MySource Mini, its nimbler version of the full package, aimed at those who want sites in a hurry. Quick editing, image work, templates and auto-updating, workflow and versioning tools make it easier to manage the project.

As part of the new release, a new bridge between Mini and Matrix enables the sharing of content, while using similar editing interfaces.

Squiz makes its money from these open source products with enticing service-level agreement support contracts, along with consultancy and design packages to bring client's sites to fruition.