squiz_logo_new_2009.jpg They acquired Funnelback back in June, now Squiz (news, site) has taken the next step and integrated the enterprise search engine into it Web CMS MySource Matrix

Adding Enterprise Search to the Arsenal

When Squiz acquired enterprise search provider Funnelback in June of 2009, the company spoke of offering both a hosted and on premise version of Funnelback Enterprise. Funnelback was to continue operating as a separate company, including its brand.

But it was also made clear that the already loose integration to MySource Matrix, Squiz's web content management system, would get a lot more deeper.

MySource Matrix 3.26.2 Seals the Search Integration Deal

Version 3.26.2 of open source CMS MySource Matrix was released this week with Funnelback Search integrated into the supported version (SSV).

Funnelback binaries add features such as contextual navigation, featured pages, type format and spelling suggestions to the search function in MySource Matrix.

There are also scripts available with Funnelback that will enable administrators to configure the index, including changing the frequency of the indexer.

Only the beginning

This is only the beginning of the integration between MySource Matrix and Funnelback Search. According to Stephen Morgan, Managing Director of Squiz UK Ltd:

"Our continued belief in the importance of effective search for successful CMS projects is driving forward the relationship between Squiz and Funnelback. We're proud to be able to offer “cutting edge” search seamlessly integrated into what is already a feature rich CMS. The pace of the integration, post acquisition has been very impressive and we are excited by the rest of the development roadmap planned for 2010."

If you want to see how Funnelback Search works, watch this video:

Otherwise, head over to Squiz's website and start downloading the latest version of MySource Matrix.