Squiz, CMS, poen source

Squiz.net (news, site), the Australian firm behind the MySource Matrix CMS, has released a lite offering, MySource Mini under the GPL license. Squiz has made their CMS fully editable from what they have dubbed the Viper inline interface. Context sensitive help and a selection of pre-loaded design templates ensure that users can have a basic site up and running quickly.

A versioning system which tracks changes to content and integrated image galleries and a movie player round out the features included by default in a MySource Mini CMS install. The image galleries offer an inline or lightbox-style option, and thumbnail images are generated automatically.

The video upload wizard, accessed from the inline editor, makes it easy to upload and display video for the built-in player.

As befits a micro CMS, ease of use is the buzzword for MySource Mini. In a nice little twist, the MySource Mini installer is also available as a VMware bundle, which can be auto updated to avoid complicated update procedures.