sitecore_logo_2009.gif Web content management provider Sitecore (news, site) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm Jungle Torch have announced a partnership that adds SEO and social media monitoring to Sitecore’s platform. The tools make it easier for organizations using Sitecore to manage their social media programs and optimize search engine performance -- an activity that, despite an influx of vendors, many enterprises are struggling to grasp.

Manage Content, Monitor Social, Optimize Engagement

Organizations feel compelled to participate in social media, but are challenged to get a holistic understanding of their content’s performance across an increasing number of social and search networks. The new Sitecore and Jungle Torch partnership addresses this issue. Never heard of Jungle Torch? Perhaps Sitecore’s 2,225 customers haven’t either, but thanks to Jungle Torch’s work, Sitecore is gaining an integrated dashboard to manage search engine optimization and social network analysis.

As content has become more diverse, managing SEO and social media has become more complicated; it is becoming more important for organizations to have well-integrated options. However, they don’t seem to be emerging quickly. Sitecore’s recently announced partnership augments Sitecore’s core platform with a number of SEO and social monitoring features such as:

  • link analysis
  • keyword ranking
  • multi-language URL keyword targeting
  • native support for rich media
  • competitive analysis
  • tools to monitor online conversations
  • brand data
  • tools to update content based on competitive analysis reports

The new features operate natively within the Sitecore platform to provide a user-friendly experience for organizations managing content and its performance in the world of Web 2.0. The tight integration between the platforms should simplify the business processes that many organizations use to manage these activities -- you know, the “solutions” or “spreadsheet marts” that only one person that sits on the fifth floor in marketing knows how to edit.

Darren Guarnaccia, SVP Product Marketing, Sitecore, said, “The result is an integrated on-page and off-page solution that gives a search engine marketer a unified environment for their daily work.”

Sitecore’s new feature is about making things easier for the user and eliminating the productivity loss associated with this normally less than optimized process.

Jungle Torch dashboard

Monitoring Social Engagement

The Jungle Torch and Sitecore integration allows users to work in one tool and understand in one view how Twitter, blogs, Facebook, YouTube or other relevant sites are performing. In addition, organizations gain access to Jungle Torch’s sentiment analysis engine that provides insight on comments. A detailed presentation on Jungle Torch's features is available.

How are you managing your social media engagement today? We would love to hear your thoughts.