Perforce Software, long known for its enterprise version management tools, has decided to expand its focus. Today the company leapt into the content management market with the release of its web content management (WCM) platform, Perforce Chronicle.

Another Web CMS

Perforce is a well-established and respected option for software version management -- something that has become important in many enterprises. Factors like accelerated delivery cycles, regulatory requirements and the growth of distributed teams has made the ability for teams to track and move between versions more valuable. Perforce is betting that the need for organizations to manage versions extends beyond development teams. 

The company has introduced a new Web CMS, Perforce Chronicle. Perforce Chronicle brings many of the practices common to source control management like parallel development, content compare/merge and branching to managing web content. However, beyond the attention to versioning and workflow there isn’t much unique about the new WCM. This will make it difficult for Perforce to compete in the already crowded WCM market.

It includes all of the features like WYSIWIG editing, content scheduling and support for module-based extension most users now expect in a WCM tool. Perforce Chronicle is built using PHP and incorporates several popular open source web frameworks like Dojo and Zend which gives the platform a lower learning curve for organizations that are already invested in PHP development.


Getting Additional Information

Additional details on the features in Perforce Chronicle are available on the product page; the new WCM is available now. Perforce is offering free 14-day cloud-based trial that allows you to try out the new WCM without configuring your own server.

There is also a free community edition that supports a maximum of 20 users and 1,000 files. The fully supported version of Perforce Chronicle is US$ 10,000 per server per year. It will be interesting to see if the platform gains any traction in the market and if that traction extends beyond existing Perforce customers.