OpenCMS 7.5 Released, Adds Content Relation Engine UpgradesWith the release of v7.5 of the open source content management system, OpenCms (news, site), it looks like they gone through previous versions, underlined all the problems they could find, taken in-hand all reported bugs from their community, and fixed them.

Also added is a collection of new features that weren’t there before and a significant upgrade to the OpenCMS Content Relation Engine (CRE), adding some new features to something that was already quite nifty.

Developed by Alkacon Software with the help of the OpenCms community, the thing to take really note of in this release is the improvements to the CRE.

A Quick Look at v7.0 Features

Here's a quick look at what was in v7.0 and is still there now.

  • WebDAV support
  • An undelete feature,
  • Confirmation before finalizing deletes
  • Point-in-time previews
  • Permission based on new set of roles
  • Publishing using a queue so users can work even after publishing has started

Content Relation Engine Upgrades

The new upgrades mainly consist of the ability to keep links to given files or folders intact even if the file is moved or renamed, while a warning shot is launched if users attempt to delete a resource that is linked by other resources.

OpenCms: Users warned if they are about to delete any item.

The Content Relation Engine was already present in v7.0 but these new properties basically allow for a wider relationship between OpenCms resources.

ocms-dialog_asset releations.jpg
New properties allow for a wider relationship between OpenCms resources.

In its entirety it gives the the content editor an overview over all the files in the virtual file system of OpenCms as well as the ability to point and select specific resources.

When deleting those resources, broken links are detected and reported to the content editor while the publish dialog also reports links that are broken.

In addition to this, "dead" links can be removed from structured content by invalidating the affected node or a definable node structure containing the broken link. All resources linked by a file can also be shown.

Other v7.5 New Features

Specifically targeting the medium to large enterprise market, OpenCms is a web content management solution built in Java and XML that can be deployed on most IT infrastructures.

Amongst the other new features are:

  • A free page editor containing new galleries with advanced AJAX features
  • Galleries enable grouping of assets by category
  • Tab support in the XML content editor
  • Text search engine that allows for offline search indexing
  • Updated external editor components
  • A "switch user" function for administrators in the OpenCms workspace.

And these are only the ones that OpenCms has highlighted as improvements.

In all there are 14 other improvements listed in the release notes including added support for new Microsoft document types to the upload applet, and improved handling of secure site configuration errors.

Also listed in the release notes are 54 ‘fixed’ issues and other changes that were identified by OpenCms itself or by members of its community.

If you’re feeling a bit lost after going through the release notes Alkacon can organize training, support and add-on products for OpenCms.

Distributed under a LGPL license, Alkacon is thanking everyone who contributed to the development of v7.5, even those pesky people who were responsible for coming up with the 54 ‘fixes’ mentioned already.

All these new features and fixes, in addition to making it fully backward compatible to all prior 7.0x versions and “largely” compatible with v6.0x, as well as an update wizard, makes v7.5 worth a look.