open text_logo_2009.jpgOpen Text (newssite) has released Web Site Management 10.1, formerly known to most as Open Text Web Solutions and Red Dot. How has this merging of solutions made the life of content and website administrators easier?

An Engaging Web Experience is Critical

Competition is fierce in most markets and people go to the web to find a lot of information about the products and services you offer. This makes it a necessity to keep your company's web experience fresh and up to date and full of the social features consumers expect today.

At the core of an engaging Web experience is vibrant, relevant content and an immersive social community integrated with internal business processes and infrastructure," said Lubor Ptacek, Vice President of Product Marketing at Open Text.

This is what Open Text Web Site Management is designed for. As part of the Open Text Web Content Management family of solutions, Open Text Web Site Management 10.1 is the next major release coming from the July 2009 announcement of Open Text Web Solutions 10. The design of this solution is modular, with a number of components that can be added based on your organizations needs. 

Web Site Management 10.1

Here is a look at some of the enhancements that come with this latest release.

Supporting the Content Editor

There are several new capabilities in place to support the content editor:

WSM_ redlining.png
Web Site Management 10.1 - Redlining Feature

  • Redlining Component: Allows you to easily see the changes made to a piece of content.
  • New Drag & Drop: Easily change the order of a content list and see those changed reflected immediately.
  • SmartEdit: To make changes to digital assets quicker there is a new asset management panel that includes SmartEdit and drag and drop capabilities.


Enhanced Drap and Drop


Integration With Other Systems

The web experience you offer today needs an element of social. To assist in this area, Web Site Management 10.1 offers integration with Open Text Social Communities (formerly known as Vignette Social Media).

There are also a number of new third party portlet connectors including the HTTP Connector that enables social media components, like those for Facebook and Twitter, to be added and administered.

And finally, new in this release is integration with Open Text Media Management 7 to support the management of digital assets that are used across the enterprise.

Backend Improvements

The IT Administrators need some love too and they get a little of it in this release. Along with improved online help for them, there is also a new GUI that maps all the server components used, allowing administrators to manage and deliver content better.

A new best practice project is also included. The project includes a number of content classes and templates and demonstrates integration with SAP Portal.

Specialized Web Site Management Solutions

Open Text understands that managing different environments can require some slight configuration/customizations to the Web Site Management solution, so they offer a number of specialized versions of Web Site Management:

  • Open Text Web Site Management for Enterprise Library
  • Open Text Web Site Management for Intranets
  • Open Text Web Site Management for Microsoft (SharePoint)
  • Open Text Web Site Management for Multi-sites
  • Open Text Web Site Management for SAP Solutions

Lots of options here to choose from, get more details on each specialized solution from the website