You might recall that in our Open Source Alert at the end of July we mentioned that Squiz (news, site)  said it was working on something top secret.

The secret is out. Squiz is joining the Web Engagement Management (WEM) bandwagon. 

Seems some members of the Matrix got jumpy after spotting a reference to a new 4.0.0 version in the MySource Matrix code repository, in response to which managing director John-Paul Syriatowicz outlined on the Squiz Labs website exactly what Squiz has in mind. In a nutshell, they’re retiring MySource Matrix open source Web CMS and releasing a new Squiz Suite focused on web experience management.

MySource Matrix vs. Squiz Matrix

Come November, Squiz Suite should see the light of day and is promised to consist of four different elements, including two rebranded products and two new products.

While the name MySource Matrix is going to be retired, it is only the name that is being retired. The product itself will “continue to maintain the pivotal role” under the rebranded name Squiz Matrix. To note here is that Squiz says it won’t be removing all references to MySource in the source code or interface.

Also worth noting is that Squiz Matrix will be fully supported and developed and will come with the brand new versions number 4.0 that will include all the existing features as well as some new ones, although what they will be Syriatowicz didn’t say.

Squiz Suite Components

The other three components that will make up the rest of Squiz Suite include:

  • Squiz CMS: Previously known as MySource Mini , the name is being changed to Squiz CMS as there are and will be so many features they couldn’t call it mini any more. This is a fully editable CMS from their Viper inline interface. Context sensitive help and a selection of pre-loaded design templates ensure that users can have a basic site up and running quickly.
  • Squiz Analytics: This is the first of the new products and will enable users test their sites supporting both A/B or A/B/C (simple multivariate) testing. It will also enable users develop customized testing and scenarios to identify most effective strategies.
  • Squiz Seach: Is just that, a Squiz search tool using the Funnelback search engine that will deliver not just search results but contextual navigation too.This goes back to March when Funnelback was integrated into MySource Matrix.See the video for more on this.


And if you think there is some overlap here between Squiz Matrix and Squiz CMS, Syriatowicz points out that they both cater for very different users.

The CMS was developed for ease of use, speed and for non-technical users. Matrix, on the other hand is for enterprise deployments with configurations that favour integration with other systems. It is also for more technical users.

And that’s about it for the moment. Squiz Labs says that over the coming weeks they’ll be drip feeding information to a wider audience that will include sneak-peaks at the new products, screenshots and even mock-ups.

It will also preview the prerelease version at the Squiz International User Conference this October in Melbourne between October 20th and 22nd, which will be followed in November by the release of the suite.