OmniUpdate releases version 8.5 with new recycle bin

OmniUpdate (news, site) has been busy as a bee lately. From Live Delivery Platform to their Web CMS conversion tool earlier this year, the SaaS CMS vendor just got its hands around releasing an upgrade to their Web CMS product, OU Campus.

Version 8.5’s highlight is a new Recycle Bin feature. Note that v8.4 came out only a couple of weeks ago. 

Recycling Is Good

Proper recycling is good, and the ability to retrieve garbaged out content is even better. The Recycle Bin in OU Campus follows the same concept as a recycle bin on your computer.

If a user has rights and deletes a file from the OU Campus staging server, that files goes into the garbage can instead of being completely gone and unfindable.

The deleted file along with its versions is removed from the CMS directory. When and if needed, a user or any administrator can recover and restore all versions of the file.

Deleted files are removed from both the staging server (editable files) and production server (live, rendered pages). File restore happens to the staging environment from where it can be republished to the live production server or sent through the approval process.

Managing Your Garbage Can

Administrators, depending on their level of access, can have various rights for managing the Recycle Bin. Some administrators can delete files from the Recycle Bin one at a time, while top-level administrators are authorized to modify the Recycle Bin's location and empty the entire bin at once.

Recycle Bin can be placed anywhere on the web server FTP root or lower. The bin's location, name and optional visibility to users can all be controlled by administrators of OmniUpdate CMS.

No More Random Deletion Panic

Looks like OmniUpdate put some effort into making the lives of their web content management system’s users a bit easier. We’ve all probably had the “Oh, no!” (specific word choice may vary) moments.

The world of academia -- often in their own far-away, little universe -- as one of OmniUpdate’s target markets would certainly appreciate this safety net and could even possible enjoy the quiet, sans desperation web content management moments.