OmniUpdate Tags Web 2.0 With Live Delivery Platform

OmniUpdate, a CMS vendor in the trendy SaaS CMS space, announced a new Live Delivery Platform (LDP) for its core Web CMS product -- OU Campus. The goal is to provide a vehicle for delivery of dynamic content that is an essential part of many Web 2.0 applications.

The platform, however, will not be available until May 2009. What's in it and is it worth the wait?

What is OmniUpdate Live Delivery Platform?

With Live Delivery Platform (LDP), OmniUpdate customers can bypass the need to first publish content from a staging environment and go straight into dynamic delivery of content to web servers.

One of the benefits of LDP is the "instantaneous availability" of dynamic data and the ability to customize that content by external visitors.

Many of the Web 2.0 applications are relying heavily on user-generated content. LDP looks like a suitable platform for delivering that type of content, be it a favorites, watchers, polls, event calendars, image galleries, wikis, comments, forms, or surveys.

According to OmniUpdate, all of the above Web 2.0 applications can be installed and managed through a single OU Campus admin interface. In essence, the LDP is a virtual toolbox for developers to enhance their sites through interactive content.

From Decoupled to Coupled Content Delivery

OU Campus was originally designed as a “push” or "decoupled" content management system. Adding the “pull” part to this model will be possible with the Live Delivery Platform.

The LDP is set to provide the benefits of both push and pull CMS functionality in OU Campus.

How Can I Get My Hands on OmniUpdate LDP?

The platform will initially be available through a PHP-based API installed on the customer's web server. Support of other programming languages will follow.

The first release of LDP will include image galleries, favorites, watchers, polls and event calendars. Additional Web 2.0 applications will be released later this year.

The LDP will be offered as an optional add-on to both new and existing customers starting May 2009.

We’ll just have to wait and see what all the excitement is about. In the meantime, feel free to check out OmniUpdate’s website.

OmniUpdate’s rivals in the SaaS CMS space like Clickability already offer some social media and Web 2.0 capabilities. Let’s see what OmniUpdate has in store for us.