OU Campus, OmniUpdate's (news, site) Web CMS aimed at the higher education sector reaches version 9, adding new developer-centric features along the way.

Build a Better Campus

OU Campus is a thing for the IT hubs of higher ed centers. This Web CMS allows institutions to run many sites for courses, schools, classes and so on with modularity and a standards-based approach.The latest update sees a boost in the core and is primarily focused on developers working with the system.

Increase the Power

The big change inside OU Campus is an upgrade of the query processor, from Xalan to Saxon 9, moving it from XLST 1.0 to 2.0. Not only does this make it faster but adds new features that developers can take advantage of while giving it some future proofing. It also features a database abstraction layer to support MySQL and other databases.

Other new features include the addition of Snippets, segments of regularly used code that users can drop into the editor. A new Final Check function makes the user run through a series of tests including spelling, link checking and W3C compliance to ensure a page is ready for publishing.

Smaller useful features include image thumbnails to help find the right one from your library of image resources. Save-in-Place for rapid updating and the addition of word wrap to the WYSIWYG Source Editor.

Any Way You Like

OU Campus can be installed on a server or as SaaS. With many others focusing on the education sector, OmniUpdate will have to keep plugging away with the innovations to stay competitive.