A business dive into the Web Content Management System (CMS) world is risky. The market is saturated with platforms.

But Eric Diamond has high hopes for his company's new product. The new Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing solution is designed to help law firms execute their digital strategies — and avoid proprietary content management and marketing platforms with limited flexibility and long, expensive licenses.

"Most, if not all, of the other content management systems in this space are proprietary products," Diamond said.  "So new feature additions and bug fixes are done on the vendor’s schedule. Also proprietary platforms often have expensive licensing fees that tie customers into long term contracts."

Legal Publish is a sister company to Tribeca Digital and Tribeca Cloud, two other companies Diamond heads. 

Diving In

Enter the Legal Publish platform, a SaaS solution that resulted from a three-year journey. It began when Diamond created an interactive agency, Tribeca Digital, which provides professional services including web and mobile development, design/UX, digital strategy, marketing, enterprise platform solutions and product strategy. 

Fast forward to this year, when Diamond dove into the Web CMS world with the solution for law firms to "create a dynamic web presence, boost their brand identity and engage with top recruits and clients."

He said his team has "vast experience in platform development, cloud hosting, and digital marketing, and an in-depth understanding of the legal marketing space."

"Our SaaS content management system is built as custom distribution of Drupal, which gives users the flexibility and extensibility to add new features and functionality whenever they need to and design their websites to their own specifications," Diamond told CMSWire. "Also, our customers are not locked into long-term contracts. They can pay month to month, biannually or annually. Our philosophy is to let the technology speak for itself and the customers will stick around. We don’t need to tie them down."

Vertical-Focus CMS: Trend?

We asked Scott Liewehr, president and principal analyst for Digital Clarity Group, if providers are moving toward vertically-slanted Web CMSes. Liewehr said the short answer is, "yes."

customer experience, Niche Web CMS Wants to Help Law Firms Go Digital

"There are a lot of these vertical-specific CMS solutions," Liewehr said. "One that comes to mind in particular is RubyLaw by Rubenstein Tech. It's another legal-specific CMS developed by a services organization that focuses on a niche vertical. They, like many, realize that there are some very specific challenges -- or patterns of needs -- facing law firms and they develop and market their own proprietary product."

Liewehr said he sees this trend with vertical-specific apps.

"And I think they're entirely appropriate," he added. "It's highly likely that the trend will continue since service providers are all looking for additional margin. And the solutions are so honed to the needs of the buyers that's it's hard for generic CMS players to compete. Legal is one example of a vertical with niche needs, but it's not alone. Higher Ed, medical practices...there are many others."

Product Features

The Legal Publish CMS includes features and add-ons that other content management systems don’t offer at all or part of their base package, Diamond said.

This includes:

  • Custom-built dashboard: Interface that includes a graphical display of all available content types, real-time Activity Stream, integrated analytics, and shortcuts to all third-party integrations such as SalesForce, MailChimp, etc.
  • Proposal Generator: Built by Legal Publish, it allows law firms to leverage content from their website and outside sources to create customized, brand-compliant proposals and marketing materials.
  • Advanced page customization: Allows full control over the layout of webpages and how content is displayed on the page. Offers ability to reorganize content elements by drag-and drop and from a variety of layout templates.
  • Third-party integrations: Drupal allows integration with third-party apps and services (e.g., CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, HR, etc.) via community modules or custom-built connectors. 
  • Advanced multilingual capabilities: Legal Publish partnered with a top translation technology platform to offer human translations services that can be tied into the firm’s workflow.
  • Marketing add-ons: A suite of marketing add-on services includes the ability to customize, optimize, and market websites.