Do you want reach a wider audience in a search engine friendly capacity or increase revenue through paid subscriptions and advertising? Do you want to improve editorial efficiency with easy access to archives? If so, take a look at Pressmart’s new pay-as-you-go, hosted Web CMS product ePortal.

Choose the Features You Need

The Pressmart ePortal is an on demand service that allows publishers to create and manage their news portals easily for a low monthly fee. Publishers can choose the features they want and pay for what has been used.

ePortal comes with a lot of features including:

As well, it lets users pull content from multiple external sources, install a variety of plug-ins, access relevant information to provide support to subscribers and reports to track growth, and manage and deliver eNewsletters.


Designed to be intuitive to publishers so that they can sign up, choose their preferred modules and drag and drop features that they need, Pressmart aims to help publishers stay ahead of the technology, and as a result, stay alive.

Pressmart makes it affordable and functional for publishers to try new things and see how it engages an audience (or not), hoping that the key to the publishing industry is both innovation and determination.

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