MySource Matrix 3.22.2, the Aussie maker of  MySource Matrix CMS (news, site), has unveiled the latest version of its open source content management system, packing in new features and bug fixes.

Some Background on MySource Matrix CMS

MySource Matrix CMS is aimed at mid-sized to larger businesses and features a cross-browser-based GUI to minimize the amount of coding required, all running on Linux servers. We last covered the company back in April when it transferred to a single GPL license.

If you haven't come across it before, MySource Matrix content management system offers two interfaces -- one for the user and one for administration. Administrators create all the rules, permissions and templates. The users can create documents or pages using a simplified GUI. 

New in This Release

Now, its latest update has 16 feature changes and dozens of bug fixes to help nudge the product along. Among them is the addition of a new asset JavaScript API to Matrix. It currently supports the following function calls:

  • getGeneral (asset information such as name and path)
  • getAttributes (asset attributes)
  • setAttribute
  • getMetadata (returns all metadata from all assigned schemas)
  • setMetadata (sets a single metadata field value)
  • trashAsset.

Other improvements give the ability to edit and delete assets from source CSV files, limit calendar periods for users when browsing to help keep outdated events out of sight, or prevent users trying to view too far into the future. Also, CSS styles associated with a design can now be viewed in the Style drop down menu.

The bug fixes are varied and many including a few fixes for Safari 4 users. A problem embedding YouTube videos has been fixed along with many smaller issues. The next update which promises to be a rise of .2 is due in September 2009. If you're interested in MySource Matrix, the annual User Conference takes place in Hobart Australia on October 26-27.