While open source adoption is on the rise among businesses, a big percentage of companies are nevertheless widely using commercially-licensed software like Microsoft SQL Server. Recognizing the opportunity to reach out to this market, MODx (news, site) has launched version 2.1 of its MODx Revolution Web CMS with support for the Microsoft stack.

More Choices for Developers & Site Owners

MODx's decision to support the Microsoft stack stems from the need to cater to existing enterprise infrastructure. According to IDC, Microsoft Windows Server has a 48.9% share in terms of revenue and 75.3% in terms of install base (Q1 2010). Access to open source Web Content Management Systems like MODX will give Windows Server users more choices and better flexibility.

Ryan Thrash, MODx CEO highlights the opportunities that Windows Server users can gain with using MODx over a full Microsoft stack.

Microsoft shops should ... realize major benefits from our software: an agile web content platform, total creative freedom and a reliable upgrade path between releases. They get this backed by a solid company with Commercial Support and an SLA, making for a very boardroom-friendly choice.

Optimized Caching, Less Code Clutter

Aside from support for proprietary platforms, MODx Revolution 2.1 features improved performance brought about by a leaner and more streamlined codebase. This includes the removal of thousands of lines of deprecated code, resulting in a 35% reduction in number of lines of code.

The release also gives users a speed boost from a restructured and optimized caching layer, which will deliver content faster to end-users, reduce server load and improve scalability across multiple servers and data clusters.

Version 2.1 brings these new features to MODx Revolution.

  • Full Microsoft SQL Server support
  • A restructured caching system that properly implements locking and partitioning
  • Removal of deprecated code
  • Template variable improvements
  • URI editing and freezing, which gives more flexibility in customizing URLs
  • Better password-storage security.

The MODx team recommends that existing site owners and developers test their sites and apps on Revolution 2.1 before applying the upgrade, as some popular extras and custom code still rely on deprecated code removed in this version.

Open Source and Free

As with previous MODx Revolution releases version 2.1 is available as a free download at modx.com, while developers can also access the MODx developer page for resources on building apps, extensions and themes over the platform. For enterprise-grade support, MODx recommends its solution partners, which can help with the move to 2.1.