Almost everyone remembers The Sorcerer's Apprentice, in which Mickey Mouse uses the complex wizarding powers of another to foible a bit but ultimately launch himself into film history. Now Modavox customers can do almost the same thing with Webcast Wizard, a one-stop software that enables clients to publish audio, video and multimedia presentations over the Internet with all the features of a spit-and-polish professional webcast.The technology utilizes the BoomBox video delivery system, patented by Phoenix, Arizona-based Modavox which specializes in the production and syndication of online video and audio. Additionally, Webcast Wizard's conversion, distribution and publishing capabilities are strengthened by the Akamai Content Delivery Network, which acts as a kind of high-speed middleman for distributed media delivery between publishers and consumers. Executive Vice President of Business Development Nathaniel Bradley explains the inclusion of Akamai's network enables the "Vision, Voice and Identity" of Modavox customers "to prevail as opposed to alternative models not exclusively branded, robust, or proprietary enough to exceed their expectations." CEO David Ide added to that point by noting the cost-saving benefits of Webcast Wizard for corporations seeking a solution for reaching the Youtube generation, whose video-sharing tastes are powerful but fickle, and who grow ever more video-savvy themselves. The software slid out of beta during the first week of January, fully tested and for the most part debugged with the help of existing Modavox clients. Modavox Interactive will manage distribution. Visit the Webcast Wizard site for more information or to order.