Magnolia CMS (news, site) released Magnolia Blossom - a new module for integration with the Spring Framework. The goal is to cater to Java developers who prefer to work in Spring vs. the Magnolia CMS interface.

A Bit of History on Blossom

As Magnolia's CTO Boris Kraft shared with us, the integration was built by Tobias Mattsson, a Spring developer, who recently joined Magnolia specifically for Blossom. Mattsson originally wrote it as a community contribution.

Before being productized, Blossom existed as a POC, as Spring is a rather popular framework among developers. But in that state it received zero support from either side. In the 0.5 version of Blossom, a lot of work still had to be done in Magnolia CMS, but now developers are free to work in their "natural habitat," without having to do any configuration work in the Magnolia GUI.

How Blossom Works

Magnolia picks up annotations done in Spring and automatically generates dialogs in the CMS. Using the annotation-based API developers can annotate classes and add @Template to controllers, where Spring Web MVC controllers are exposed as Magnolia CMS templates.

Using @Paragraph annotation on controllers will give you Magnolia CMS paragraphs.

Dialogs in this case are created with code instead of CMS configurations and can be moved out of the repository and into a source control system, versioning dialogs together with controllers. More on the programming model here.

Kraft says that this release is really what they wanted to do with Blossom and no major changes or enhancements are expected at this time.