Magnolia CMS Partnership Aims to Boost Creative Campaigns

A European digital platform provider is teaming with Magnolia CMS on a cloud implementation of the open source content management platform. Company executives claim it will arm digital marketers with the ability to fire off creative campaigns.

Magnolia CMS's partnership is with [email protected], the technology arm of Ogilvy & Mather UK. 

[email protected] was founded in 2003 and now has 100 employees across offices in London, Frankfurt, Munich, Karlsruhe and Düsseldorf. Execs there said the platform provides specialized technical and digital marketing expertise to support large organizations that routinely roll out integrated marketing programs, such as product launches, on a global scale. 

Why This Offering?


"Separated from the client’s core IT, these integrated programs have become very complex from a technology point of of view and therefore require highly professional solutions," Daniel Menges, managing partner in technology for [email protected], told CMSWire.

"With clients’ enterprise IT infrastructure tending to be quite rigid, they need more flexibility for these creative campaigns. This is what this platform achieves -- it is a scalable, robust tool for fast campaigns that are not 'just' campaigns, but key outbound business initiatives that face large amounts of traffic."

We asked the wow factor of this technology versus others in this space.

Menges cited its three dimensions: availability, integration and cost.

The scale of his organization's campaigns address hundreds of thousands to millions of simultaneous users. The ability to scale up in the cloud is vital, he said, adding the scale (number of users per second) of some of these blue chip campaign sites far outstrips the peak traffic of many enterprise websites.

"And yet, up to now campaigns have mostly been built by creatives on microsite platforms," Menges said. "This is where this platform comes in: it is campaign focused, but provides enterprise CMS functionalities (integration, personalization, etc.) and runs and scales on Amazon."

web cms, Magnolia CMS Partnership Aims to Boost 'Creative Campaigns'

Customers now expect digital campaigns to be fully integrated with what the company actually does; i.e. backend systems.

"Users need the power and secure integration capabilities of flexible Java back-end to build more solid and sophisticated, multichannel digital campaigns," Menges said.

Also, the platform is also cost-effective. It scales dynamically, according to users' demand.

"If you expect traffic spikes, you can let the platform do its job," Menges told CMSWire. "Instead of 'proactively' ramping up your hardware, you can lean back and watch the platform adapt to your needs: if you need more, you won’t go down, but you also don’t pay for something you don’t need."

Integration Challenges?

Asked about any integration roadblocks, Menges told CMSWire that development of a platform that enables custom integration with key IT systems at the client is "one of the core objectives of the whole initiative."

"Integrating digital marketing more effectively with the client’s IT and operations," he said, "is a central part of what [email protected] offers, and they have selected Magnolia as a best-of-breed tool to achieve this in the future. There is no integration that clients are forced to make, but they can integrate anything they wish or need to. All of the cloud integration to run and scale on Amazon has been completed with some brilliant new scripts developed by [email protected]"

Broader customer specific integration -- with their own existing systems and infrastructure -- is a significant part of what this is about, Menges added.

"It is a lot simpler and more secure with Magnolia CMS, especially through Spring/Blossom," he said. "The beauty of this is that integrations won’t be separate from what the marketing is using already. It all integrates seamlessly into Magnolia’s user interface, thanks to their app framework. This makes the platform incredibly user friendly. Users won’t have to hunt for integrated functionality. This can be delivered as part of a simple, intuitive Magnolia App."

Pricing is case specific.

"Part of the initiative is to develop a more cost effective pricing strategy to suit the needs of these customers," Menges said.