axaio_logo_2011.jpgAxaio (news, site) has beefed up its MadeToCompare PDF creation, change and version management tools to play happily alongside Adobe's Creative Suite 5 and Woodwing's cross-media publishing systems.

Under the Microscope

Axaio's MadeToCompare is a tool that helps enterprises with traditional or web publishing tasks that see lots of content being worked on across different departments/countries or continents. It helps users simultaneously work with writers/editors on multiple files where there are lots of revisions and edits being made.

Axaio MadeToCompare works with Adobe InCopy so editorial departments can keep track of this multitude of adjustments. It works by highlighting changes between different versions of a document, making it easier to track down pesky edits and keep things on track. 

Plays Nicely With WoodWing

MadeToCompare will now slot in nicely to WoodWing environments. WoodWing is currently all abuzz at being one of the first to support publishing to the Blackberry Playbook, and its range of tools for enterprises and publishers help keep production of newspapers, magazines or marketing material running smoothly.

We're checking to see if the app is compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, which launched yesterday, but the 5.0 support will help creative workers with text-heavy content in big departments keep track of the endless changes.

That will run even better when spotting changes is easier, saving time and eyestrain for hard-pressed editors and subs. The new app is available today, and there is a free trial on the company site. The core package for InCopy is available for 990 euros.