Combining web content management and SEO is a smart move in our estimation. Companies like Lyris, Pixelsilk and MOGI have their eyes on this ball.

Now it's Preation's turn. Preation is a sister company of iContact, the email marketing folks. Last October they launched the Eden Platform. It does content management and it enables marketers. Let's take a peek.


Welcome to Eden

The Eden Platform, released by Preation offers a self-optimizing web content management system. By analyzing websites and scoring each page based on a variety of important optimization factors, Eden lets entrepreneurs and marketers create and maintain an optimized website that aims to generate more results without the need for any technical or web marketing expertise.

As a Saas Web-Based CMS, Eden requires no set up fees, no software to install and no long-term commitments. Users can edit any page of a website and receive on-screen pointers that walk you through the "simple process" of optimizing that page for more search engine traffic.

Not So Simple that SEO

Last time we checked, optimizing search on a site wasn't easy. In fact, there's no real sure fire way to optimize a site. SEO expert after expert will have different ideas as to how best to make a site reach the pinnacle of searchability. From keywords to metadata to algorithms, search engine optimization is anything but simple.

But in Eden, things are different.

The Eden Platform provides the following functionality:

  • an editable, intuitive and code-free web-based interface
  • drag-and-drop pages, content, images, and documents to create unique layouts
  • edit your website as visitors will see it
  • drag-n-drop site structure reorganization
  • centralized resource library for images, videos, files, etc.
  • advanced content elements for testimonials, contact forms, calendars and event registration

Specific SEO optimization functionalities include:

  • A native optimization engine that analyzes site content and visitors, and recommends actions
  • On-screen suggestions walk you through the process of creating a highly optimized website
  • An optimization dashboard that displays a score for each page
  • Optimization rules updates in response to changes in search engine algorithms
  • XHTML Strict compliance
  • Section 508 capable

A Tasty Starting Price

Starting at US$ 75/month, the entry-level price the Eden Platform CMS is broadly affordable and comes with a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.9% update and 1 second for page rendering. 

With this starting point, customers get access to Preation's web strategy experts, unlimited web pages, online visitors, and users, automatic software updates and patches, on-going updates to optimization engine as search engine algorithms change and a scalable infrastructure, among others.

A Decent Business Case

We get a lot of content management products thrown at us. Everyone wants a review and a bit of publicity. There are 3 things which caught our attention with Preation's Eden Platform:

  1. The CEO is co-founder of iContact, a successful email marketing company, and he describes this new entity as a "sister company" of iContact. We presume this means the project has some financial and executive stability.
  2. Coming from iContact, these guys most likely understand the customer relationship and marketing side of this business, not to mention what it means to run a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise.
  3. Despite all the advances in web content management systems, marketers still need better tools. We think there's a gap out there to be filled.

Request a demo or learn more at the Preation website.