When it comes to either expanding your current web content management system or investing in a brand new one, accurately identifying the time, resources and money required is critical to your success. Unfortunately, that's quite a bit easier said than done -- the typical Web CMS project has many dimensions:

  • Defining requirements and engaging all groups
  • Acquiring the hardware and software
  • Hosting (on-premise vs. cloud vs. managed service)
  • Migration of content from existing repositories
  • Staffing for implementation and maintenance
  • Integrating new and legacy systems

Chances are, you've got two big concerns when working on the project budget:

  1. How to create a compelling business case
  2. How to ensure you have a realistic ROI story justifying the investment

Aimed squarely at these items, Siteworx is holding a webinar this Wednesday October 6 at at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern Time. The title is How to Budget Intelligently and Determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Your Web CMS Implementation Based on the many projects they've executed they intend to provide you with the perspectives and tools you need to intelligently budget your next project.

If the financial weight is on your shoulders, then this live event might be just what you need. Interested parties can register here.