GX Web CMS Offers Subscription Based PricingGX Software (news, site) is one of a growing number of web content management vendors hedging their bets by offering per-month pricing for their WebManager content system.

CMS as a Service

GX, a company based in the Netherlands, is offering a new subscription-based pricing scheme for their Web Content Management solution. The new scheme, with pricing starting from US$ 1,250 per month, allows a company to start using the company's GX WebManager CMS while reducing the initial investment required. It can be run locally, hosted by a third-party or a mixed approach of both systems can be taken.

WebManager offers an all-in-one content solution for organizations that want to deliver websites based on a stable and secure platform. Extra tools that increase website traffic, improve conversion rates or fulfill specific industry needs can be added on demand.

Users can ramp up and later reduce the number of sites they need to run as demand dictates and to only spend money on what is required.

GX WebManager

WebManager lets users immediately adapt their web platform to their business and market needs. Packed with features including a dashboard with drag and drop widgets, streaming video support, mobile support and anonymous tracking, it can be expanded using a large range of add-on components and innovations, available through the online marketplace for WCM components, known as the WCMExchange.com.

While the pricing starts at US$1,250 per month, that is for a single site and includes software maintenance and software support. Additional requirements will see the price rise, but is still well below the initial start-up costs of buying a CMS outright.

GX WebManager is a web content management system based on a smart Java building block model to assemble and compose new offerings from small reusable and collaborative components. In this way you can compose new out-of-the-box software solutions and offerings for specific vertical industries or for specific purposes.