eZ Systems' Publish 4.7 Etna Released, eZ Publish Cloud Edition Debuts
eZ Systems released the newest version of its flagship software, eZ Publish, and the Etna version 4.7 features a cloud-based Saas solution on the Red Hat enterprise cloud stack.

This new version of the eZ Publish open-source enterprise CMS should offer more options for mobile, and better integration of several of eZ Systems' other software suites.

Mobile CXM

eZ Systems has made its mobile website generation tools faster, and has added some support for location-based services that many businesses and customers demand. Additionally, eZ Find, the company's search engine, now has better spell checking and faceted search. For building the next must-have app, eZ provides the App Factory, an easy-to-use tool for non-IT staff. 


eZ App Factory lets people with no HTML experience build solid, functionally mobile apps.

One upside of this type of tool is, even if your company has never had a mobile app before, one can be made in a few steps. Need to make changes and add functionality? Also easy. We're guessing many CTOs will be happy to have this feature. It shows your company is serious about what it does. People can see on the website that you have a mobile app, and even if they never download or use it, they know your company understands what customers want.


More vendors are adding mobile app building tools and better analytics with their latest offerings, and that means eZ Systems is facing more competition. It's a good thing more people are online. In the same week eZ Systems released eZ Publish 4.7, however, Zoho released a website building platform called Zoho Sites. It also features mobile app building and easy-to-use tools for non-technical staff.

In an already crowded web CMS space, it's not clear how eZ will differentiate itself beyond its existing customers. Let us know in the comments if you think this is a growing problem or simply a marketing opportunity for willing companies.