coremedia_logo_2009.jpgWe said it was coming and come it has. CoreMedia (news, site) has announced the latest version of its web content management system as IMS 2009.

A Complete Communications Suite

CoreMedia V is a full featured web content management suite that contains everything you need to manage your digital communications. The latest version has been restructured into three primary areas of focus: social interaction, adaptive user experience and the open integration of applications. So what does that mean exactly?

It means CoreMedia V is made up of the following components:

  • CoreMedia CMS: Your base content management system with SolR as the base for the SearchEngine and MySQL 5vas an additional database. It also includes enhanced Analytics.
  • CoreMedia Website StarterKit: A new installer installs a starter kit that includes best practices and example integrations. This starter can be run as is or modified to suite a particular need.
  • CoreMedia Social Software: All the basic features required to build a community
  • CoreMedia Open Portal: Create mashups from other applications and take advantage of the CoreMedia Portlet Extension which creates applications that conform to the JSR286 standard
  • CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization and Delivery: Based on a flexible personalization pipeline, you can easily customize the user experience based on channel of delivery and the visitors unique profile.

Social Application Connector Beta

Also included in CoreMedia V is the beta of the Social Application Connector. The first social network to work with the connector is Facebook. It enables you to publish content into Facebook, and integrated user generate content like comments within the Facebook app to be feed back into the CMS.

CoreMedia V

Easy Module Deployment

CoreMedia V modules have a Maven representation which means that it is easier to install a combination of modules much easier. Maven is a software tool for Java project management and build automation.

Interested in learning More?

CoreMedia is currently at IMS 2009. If you are interested in seeing this latest version of the Web CMS in action, drop by the conference and have a look.