Content Here - Java Web Content Management System Report Content Here, an analyst and consulting firm that focuses on content management technologies has published a report entitled Open Source Web Content Management in Java. The report provides detailed reviews of seven software solutions including Alfresco, Apache Lenya, Daisy CMS, Hippo CMS, Jahia, Magnolia, and OpenCms. In addition, the report discusses the web content management marketplace in general and how open source solutions fit into this market. This report is great because it provides companies with a review of open source solutions similar to the reports provided by CMS Watch, Gartner and Forrester on proprietary content management solutions. But according to it's author, Seth Gottlieb, you won't see any Magic Quadrant or winning solution in this review. "There is no universally superior product. Each has its strengths and weaknesses" The 160 page report reviews seven solutions found in two categories: Informational Brochure Sites (Magnolia, OpenCms, Apache Lenya, Daisy) and Web Content Management Platform (Alfresco, Hippo, Jahia). Not all products in the report qualify under the Open Source Definition, but have approached other business models for free software. To complete his review, Gottlieb did a number of things: * Subscribed to project mailing lists, monitoring the volume and nature of activity * Talked to users of the software * Built Prototypes that were reviewed by a project committer or company officer In his evaluation he describes the architecture and integration, usability factors, content contribution and presentation, and how the community and project itself is trending. The Open Source Web Content Management in Java report also includes the following information: * Strategies for evaluating different types of open source projects * How to consider open source in conjunction with commercial options * Insights into the project communities, their histories and their outlooks * A rating system for comparing/contrasting the open source Web CMS options "Companies considering open source software greatly benefit from a comprehensive understanding of an open source project -- its origins, differentiators, strengths, and weaknesses," said Content Here's principal and founder Seth Gottlieb. "Our goal is to provide a go-to resource for those seeking a contextual overview of the market and/or a detailed look at some leading projects. Just like with commercial web content management software, knowledge of the platform, realistic expectations, scope control and adherence to process are all key factors in successful open source product implementations," said Gottlieb. You can read an excerpt of the report which includes the Table of Contents and Introduction to the report, or you can go buy it straight away.