A new simple hosted web content management system that has been in private beta for the past three years and which focuses on usability and simplifying processes has just been release by Arizona based Ixpleo.

Compass Web Publisher, the company says, has placed usability before features and enables companies to manage their entire online presence without an IT department. It comes with blogging abilities, Facebook integration, in-built SEO and analytics.

In fact, if you go down through the list of features and functions that comes with Compass, they do appear to be providing all the functionality a small company might need without deployment complications, or expensive software installations.

Simple CMS Mania

But then anyone following us here would be aware that Simple CMS is almost as big a buzz word as social media is. Over the course of this summer hardly a week went by without one company or another releasing a new simple cms.

And all companies involved claim to do the same thing; simplify the management of your web (online) presence while at the same time maintaining full functionality and keeping costs down.

In many cases it is the long term cost of maintaining and teaching users how to use a system that really hurts and it is specifically here that Ixapleo hopes to cut its cloth.

“In an industry where features come before usability and steep learning curves are the norm, Compass offers a customer-centric alternative that users of all skill levels feel comfortable – and actually enjoy – using,” said Cristian Graziano, President of Ixpleo said.

Compass Web Publishing

OK, so what is it they are offering? There’s a huge number of features listed as part of Compass, but let’s have a quick look at the ones they are pushing hard.


Search Engine Optimization, which is managed by the system rather than the user. There are a number of ways it does this, but the top three include:

  • Search-Friendly URL Structure: Compass keeps URLs search engine friendly specifying which keywords show up on what pages.
  • XML Sitemap: Keeps up-to-the-second track of when, where and what has been updated as well how important the content is and in formats that search engines can read.
  • Search Engine Notifier: Notifies all of the major search engines that your website has been updated as soon as it has been updated.


  • Collaboration Suite: Allows users collaborate not only internally but with third parties enabling them to create and approve content.
  • Internal Messaging: Enables users to separate emails into day-to-day work emails, and internal emails about the website or tasks relating to the website.
  • Assigning tasks and tasks within a collaborative process for months in advance.

And then there is the social media integration, which focuses principally on Facebook integration and connectors, as well as Twitter updates directly from within Compass itself.

Behind all that is the fact that this is a hosted web cms with Ixpleo promising to take all the IT issues out of website management for quicker and more responsive content.

It has just gone into general release and as the beta release was private there is no way of knowing of the response to even that. Whether usability, or functionality comes out tops with Compass users remains to be seen.