Gilbane_outsell logo.png The Gilbane Group (news, site) has announced it is accepting presentation proposals for the 2011 Gilbane Boston Conference. The popular annual conference focused on content, social technologies and digital marketing is sure to expose speakers to a large and diverse audience.

Looking for Gilbane Presenters

The Gilbane Group has issued a call for papers for this year’s Gilbane Boston Conference to be held November 29 through December 1. The Gilbane conference focuses on providing attendees a vendor neutral environment to learn from and interact with individuals from across the full spectrum on the content technology community.

Because of the vendor neutral stance, conference organizers are adamant about only accepting presentations with true educational value. The recently release proposal guidelines make it very clear that Gilbane is not the place to hawk your wares. Organizers have no interest in presentation proposals that sell or market products or services.

Speaker Rules

Presentations should focus the themes included in the 2011 conference and be between 10-45 minutes. Typical presentations, however, are between 20-30 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes of audience questions. If Gilbane accepts a proposal, the speaker should expect to participate in a conference call 30 days before the conference with the session moderator and any fellow session presenters. Selected speakers must also provide organizers their presentation electronically prior to conference so that it can be distributed to attendees before the conference begins.

Proposals must be submitted by May 16 using the official proposal submission form. While potential speakers should pay attention to the deadline, Gilbane will accept proposals anytime including before a call for papers is issued and after the deadline has passed. Submissions outside of the deadlines may not be considered for the 2011 conference due to the timing. Individuals with additional questions about presenting at Gilbane Boston can email [email protected].

The Benefits of Speaking at Gilbane Boston

Why speak at Gilbane Boston? You will receive fame and fortune that could only be rivaled by a cute furry dancing animal on YouTube. Not really. Speakers receive a complimentary full conference pass and may request a free session pass (note session, not conference) for a colleague. Gilbane does not provide speaker honorariums or expense reimbursements.

Most potential speakers, however, desire to present for a more personal reason. Speakers are typically deeply immersed in the content management community. Presenters at Gilbane get the opportunity to share information with a diverse international audience of peers and experts in all areas of content technology.