Bitrix Empowers Its Site Manager With Media Player
Just like that certain city that never sleeps, Bitrix hardly takes a break. Shortly after the recent release of a new version of its Site Manager, Bitrix is in the news again. This time, the CMS vendor announces the addition of Media Player to its WCM platform, which will enable customers to embed video and audio streams into their web sites. In the best Web 2.0 fashion, the hyperactive Bitrix has recently added such social networking tools as photo galleries, blogging and forums to its CMS. A little while before that, it was tag clouds and AJAX. In its latest bout of vigorous intensity, Bitrix is adding video and audio to its Web 2.0 menu. Designed as a social networking tool -- the Media Player enables users to create video streaming portals similar to those of YouTube, Google Video and MySpace. The Media Player uses Silverlight and Flash on the back-end to support playback of the majority of popular formats, including .flv, .mp3, .mp4, .aac, .wmv, .wma, in addition to the support of some playlist formats. End-users shall not fear the myriad of all these file extensions, as Bitrix promises that the Site Manager’s WYSIWYG editor will be able to determine the media content types automatically.

Media Player Features

* Embed Video: Embed video streams from video sharing sites, i.e. any URL can be used as a video source -- YouTube included. * Protect various copyrights: Editors can add a watermark over the video clip. * Download Video Link: To be even more user-friendly, the solution allows adding of a download link next to a video or audio clip. * Skins: Not to be boring, Bitrix Site Manager has several different skins available in case you wish to customize the player to your site design. The skins can be designed in Adobe Flash or downloaded from the Internet. In the soon-to-come product updates, the Media Player support will be also added to forums. The “Embed Video” button will also appear in the Bitrix WYSIWYG editor. The Media Player is included in all Bitrix Site Manager versions and users with an active subscription can update their systems with this brand new product. Bitrix's pricing model ranges from US$ 249 to US$ 9,990.