Welcome to the June 2011 installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month. If you feel that your project was left out, we invite you to email us at [email protected] to have a project representative added to the list of people we contact for updates.

CMS Made Simple

In May, the folks at CMS Made Simple (newssite) started working on its next major version: CMS Made Simple 1.10. Their focus for this version includes:

  • Optimizing memory use through "lazy loading of modules"
  • Cleaning up internal objects, classes and arrays for access to better PHP5 coding methods
  • Providing support for methods for better multi-language facilities
  • Adding admin area changes such as new default settings for content types
  • Optimizing CSS file loading

Expect 1.10 in last summer or early fall. Also, Packt Publishing (newssite) released The CMS Made Simple Development Cookbook by Samuel Goldstein, with 70 recipes for extending the system.


In May, the folks at DotNetNuke (news, site) opened the Call for Papers for DotNetNuke World 2011. The conference will be held November 9-11 in Orlando, FL, with the theme "The Cloud, Mobile and Social Revolution." The deadline for paper submissions is June 8.

The company also announced the winners of its DotNetNuke Design Challenge 2011:

  • Smartphone Category: StoneCold
  • Traditional Category: Business Rainbow
  • Zen Garden Theme: OpenBook
  • Community Favorite: SMB

DotNetNuke Corporation was selected as a Finalist in Red Herring's Top 100 North America award, which honors the year's most promising private technology ventures in the region. This is its second consecutive year among the finalists.


In May, Drupal (news, site) founder Dries Buytaert announced a new policy around fixing bugs for Drupal 7. Traditionally the project has handled bugs in the latest development release (currently Drupal 8) and then backported to the stable releases (Drupal 6 and 7 right now). However, due to Dries' focus on getting Drupal 8 up and running, he fears the growing bug backlog is preventing Drupal 7 from stabilizing.

So, he's giving Angela "webchick" Byron, the Drupal 7 co-maintainer, commit rights for bug fixes in Drupal 8. This way they'll keep the same process but the fixes can arrive faster for those using Drupal 7.

Speaking of Drupal 8, Buytaert has appointed Jacine Luisi to be the initiative owner for the Drupal 8 HTML 5 Initiative. He's also appointed Gábor Hojtsy as the Drupal 8 Localization and Internationalization Initiative Owner.

Hippo CMS

In May, the folks at Hippo CMS (news, site) won Content Tool 2011 at Tools No Fools. This award is given by event attendees after watching project members get grilled by a jury. Hippo also received a nomination for the Computable Awards, which is given to companies, projects and individuals whose technology work "has clearly been distinguished."

The Hippo project also integrated with Magus, which is an accessibility reporting and monitoring tool. See a video explaining the Magus Active Standards Plugin for Hippo CMS:

Hippo CMS and Magus Active Standards plugin from Mathijs Brand on Vimeo

It's also added support for Grails GSP MIN, which allows you to use GSP templates in non-Grails web applications.


In May, the folks at HWIOS (Hybrid Web in OpenSim) focused on refactoring. It also added a new feature, which was required because HWIOS is a websocket CMS framework. Such frameworks usually can't use URLs in the navigation bar.

The new feature uses the HTML History API to push and pop each domain:/path/to/url/'s state to the navigation bar as necessary. Now HWIOS users can use their back and forward buttons properly. However, this technique isn't yet supported by search engine crawlers.

The project has also created a community and demonstration site: HWIOS.org, which works with the Chrome/Chromium browser and Firefox 4. In June, it will focus on improving and documenting the codebase, to prepare HWIOS core as a solid websocket CMS framework on which to build real-time CMS applications.


In May, the Joomla! (news, site) project reached the following milestones:

  • 23 million downloads of Joomla overall, with over 1.7 million of version 1.6
  • Releasing a new version every 6 months, Joomla 1.7 is expected in July 

Also, MailChimp announced Expanded Joomla Integration, and Joomla Day Malaysia's coming up on June 25.

Magnolia CMS

In May, Magnolia CMS (news, site) announced that it is one of the winners of the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award, which honors the year's most promising technology ventures in the region.


In May, the folks at mojoPortal (news, site) released a major update to its commercial Form Wizard Pro extension. This update offers some new features:

  • File upload support
  • Custom per-question CSS classes
  • A new plugin system, allowing you to plug in custom code for additional data processing

It also released mojoPortal, which offers a number of improvements:

  • A new prompt in the edit screens to prevent accidentally leaving the page if there are unsaved changes
  • Ability to browse and preview skins from page settings and/or the user profile, when per-page skins or per-user skins are enabled
  • Support for a new Google Analytics (news, site) feature that allows tracking page load time
  • Fixes for its homemade Tweet This link, offering Twitter's own URL shortening service
  • Upgrade to CKeditor 3.6
  • Improved design support for Artisteer 3 RC
  • Added unit sales to some commerce reports
  • Variety of bug fixes


In May, the folks at Nuxeo (news, site) released Nuxeo Digital Assest Management (DAM) version 1.3, which now offers:

  • A configuration wizard
  • A controller GUI
  • An improved installer

They're looking for speakers for Nuxeo World 2011. If you're an expert in open source content management technologies and strategies, contact them with your topic ideas.

Finally, Nuxeo's Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository Project (ECR) has been accepted by the Eclipse Foundation, and renamed Apricot. The next steps include contributing the code base itself, setting up the project's website and tools and "maybe even a logo."


In May, the folks at ocPortal (news, site) released ocPortal version 7, which offers a number of improvements, including:

  • New iPhone preview feature
  • Improved process of choosing content to edit
  • Speedier navigation through searching
  • Support for dragging and dropping images into the WYSIWYG editor with Firefox
  • The ability to mass-add similar content
  • An improved Site Tree Editor
  • A simplified Setup Wizard
  • Support for proper time zone selection
  • Compliance with EU cookie legislation

If you want to see a video of setting up with ocPortal, go to the ocPortal site and scroll down to the bottom, under "See ocPortal in action."


In May, Plone (news, site) held its Pyramid CRUD sprint to focus on extending its CRUD admin panel prototype to Pyramid. It also held Plone Open Garden 2011 in Italy, continued its Plone ContènTOUR through Italy (it'll be in Rome on September 28), and announced that the 2011 Plone Conference will be in San Francisco, from November 3-6.


In May, the folks with Silverstripe (news, site) released SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1. This release focuses on separating the Sapphire framework from the CMS module, as well as the new user interface implementation for the CMS.

Preview releases are pre-alpha versions to allow developers to see an early snapshot of what's coming. Major API changes will wait until alpha releases.

Tiki Wiki

In May, the folks at Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (news, site) continued work toward the release of Tiki7. New features and improvements include:

  • Drag and drop modules
  • New plugins, including Blip.tv, Vimeo and TokenAccess
  • New Theme Generator, letting you modify colors without touching code
  • New unified search infrastructure, using Apache Lucene (news, site) in Zend (news, site) Framework
  • Integration with OpenStreetMap and Zotero
  • Revamped Slideshow functionality
  • A mobile version using jQuery Mobile

The project expects to release Tiki7 by the end of May. Over the summer, TikiFest code sprints are planned as part of the TikiFest Summer 2011 Tour. The fests will occur throughout Europe, the Middle East, and both Americas.

Those who are just getting started with Tiki might want to check out Rick Sapir's new book, Tiki for Smarties.


In May, the folks at TYPO3 (news, site) released TYPO3 version 4.6 alpha1. Codenamed "rebase," this version focuses on cleaning up the codebase. Two highlights are:

  • The File Abstraction Layer, which is a DB-driven layer between TYPO3 and its assets
  • XLIFF support, enabling the use of Pootle as a translation server

The TYPO3 Association approved changes in its management structure, allowing more community involvement through a Business Control Committee for budget review, and an Expert Advisory Board. Both of these changes go into effect in 2012.

Expect 4.6 alpha2 on June 14, and the final release on October 26. Also coming in June is the T3CON2011 in San Francisco, from June 9-11.


In May, the folks at WeWebU (news, site) released WeWebU OpenWorkdesk 3.1. This version includes the following enhancements toward better and wider platform support:

  • Improved support of IBM (news, site) Content Manager 8
  • Improved CMIS adapter for accessing two CMIS-compliant Enterprise Content Management systems at the same time (Pro and Enterprise versions)
  • New OpenLDAP authentication support
  • New Alfresco (news, site) Aspects support

User-facing enhancements include:

  • New AJAX-based tree
  • Grab and drag resizing for screen portions
  • Custom input masks for document classes without needing to program
  • Improved Advanced Document Viewing component, generates document thumbnails shown in hit lists or mouseover pop-ups
  • New way to associate and group objects, making it easier to set up eFile solutions like contract management


In May, the folks at WordPress (news, site) released WordPress 3.1.3, which is a security fix release. It also released WordPress 3.2 Beta 1 and continued work on WordPress 3.2 Beta 2.

New features for WordPress 3.2 include:

  • Performance improvements
  • An overhaul of the visual editor's full-screen composing experience, which is also now available in HTML mode
  • A refresh of the administration UI
  • A new default theme, Twenty Eleven
  • More links in the Admin Bar
  • Google Chrome Frame is now supported in the admin if you have it installed
  • They're now bundling jQuery 1.6.1

Expect to see WordPress 3.2 release candidates in June and the final version hopefully by the end of the month.