Welcome to the December installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month.

If you're looking through here and feel that your project was left out, we invite you to send us an email at [email protected] with a pointer to who we should contact at your project for updates.

CMS Made Simple

In November, CMS Made Simple (news, site) won first place for Packt Publishing's (news, site) Overall Best Open Source CMS Award 2010.


In November, the folks at DotNetNuke (news, site) released version 5.6 for both their Professional and Enterprise Editions. This new release includes:

  • A new Site Search feature
  • Enhanced Google Analytics (news, site) support
  • Enhanced Content Approval Workflow
  • A new perpetual license option for the DotNetNuke Web CMS

The product also won Web Design and Development Tools Merit Award Winner in Visual Studio Magazine's 2010 Readers Choice Award, and the company held their fourth annual DotNetNuke Connections conference in Las Vegas.


In November, Drupal 7 beta 3 was released with an upgrade to jQuery 1.4.4 and jQuery UI 1.8.6, along with numerous upgrade path fixes, accessibility fixes and fixes for all remaining critical bugs. This is the final beta before the first release candidate. The team wasn't prepared to go to RC since the major issue queue was five pages long, preventing them from preparing for RC1's string freeze (which means no changes to text strings marked for translation).

The Drupal documentation team now has two co-leads, Ariane Khachatourians and Jennifer Hodgdon, and Registration for DrupalCon Chicago is now open. The conference will be held from March 7 - 10, 2011. The next European DrupalCon will be held in London, from August 16 - 21, 2011. Tickets go on sale in the spring.

Drupal company Acquia (news, site) added styled, customizable drop-down menus to SaaS offering Drupal Gardens (news, site). The new menus allow site designers to offer nested menu navigation. They've also added the ability for site owners to send invitations to people to join their site, whether they use open or closed registration.

The company also added a data center in the EU for their European customers, and their team Fu ManDrupal raised over US$ 10,500 for the Movember Foundation.


In November, Ephesoft (news, site) attended and sponsored Alfresco Software (news, site) DevCon. They also announced they're opening an office in the UK in early 2011 to support their partners in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Coming in December, expect Zonal OCR, handwriting recognition, form processing and scripting plugins to expand the product's feature set.

Hippo CMS

In November, the folks at Hippo CMS (news, site) published a video tutorial on publishing a Word document to both the web and mobile:

Hippo CMS publishing a Word doc to web and mobile from Arje Cahn on Vimeo.

The Dutch subsidiary of Capgemini, a large provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, announced a new alliance with six open source vendors: Hippo CMS, Ingres, Pentaho, Red Hat (news, site), SugarCRM (news, site) and Zarafa. This alliance was created to provide a single point of contact for Capgemini's customers who are using open source products.

Coming in December is the release of Hippo CMS 7.5, which offers:

  • A new template editor
  • Advanced multi-language support
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • A new REST interface
  • An upgrade to JackRabbit 2.1

Those interested in a pre-release sneak preview of Hippo CMS 7.5, check out the free webinar on December 8, 2010.

Interactive Knowledge Stack

The Interactive Knowledge Stack's (news, site) first working demo, FISE The RESTful Semantic Engine was created by IKS consortium members at the IKS Semantic Engine Hackathon. In November, it was released by Nuxeo (news, site), was accepted by the Apache Software Foundation (news, site) as the new Apache Stanbol project. Acceptance should help accelerate early adoption of this semantic knowledge engine.


In November, the Joomla! (news, site) project launched Joomla! Ideas, where users can vote for features in future Joomla! releases. Each user gets 10 votes.

The project also released Joomla! 1.5.22, which contains security fixes for a low priority core but involving SQL injection information disclosure. They also released Joomla! 1.6 beta 14 and Joomla! 1.6 beta 15.

This beta closes 33 bugs, bringing the betas to fixing 117 issues in total. At the time of 1.6 beta 15's release, there were only 4 blocker issues preventing the release of RC1. As you wait, you might want to check out the new Joomla! YouTube Channel for videos like this:

November also brought Joomla!Day Spain and Joomla!Day Bangkok.

Expect Joomla! 1.6 RC1 on December 13, 2010.

Magnolia CMS

In November, folks at Magnolia CMS (news, site) launched Magnolia Forge, "a one-stop shop for module development" complete with Jira, Nexus and SVN access. The company also announced a strategic partnership with Campbell-Ewald, an advertising, direct and digital communications agency to bring Magnolia CMS solutions to the agency's customers.

Also new in November is The Magnolia Store, which can be visited on its own but also is integrated into the Magnolia CMS AdminCentral. The store allows users to see which modules need updates and to discover new modules of interest.

Those interested in deploying Magnola CMS to the cloud might want to check out the new technology brief. If you're interested in the future of the Magnolia CMS user experience, then comment on the ideas and mockups here.

New releases for November include a new Google Sitemap module for Magnolia CMS 4.3, and the new Magnolia CMS 4.3.8, which contains bug fixes for issues such as virtual URI mapping and image rendering, plus updated translations for AdminCentral and dialogs.

Finally, the Magnolia CMS online community forums were re-launched using their new Forum module, and the videos from the latest Magnolia Conference are now online.


In November, the folks at mojoPortal (news, site) released version, which added new configurable security options requiring a CAPTCHA on the registration and/or login page along with an optional password strength meter. They also released a premium add-on product, Site Analytics Pro, which brings user-friendly traffic reports to the administration section and provides a visitor map and traffic graph feature that can be published on content pages.


In November, Nuxeo (news, site) hosted over 100 customers and partners at Nuxeo World Paris. Session slides are available online, along with our session writeups.

They also announced the next major release of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.4 and Nuxeo Document Management 5.4, which now natively support jBoss AS 5.1 and jBoss EAP 5.0.1. Nuxeo EP and DM 5.4 include integrated support for the new Nuxeo Marketplace and Admin Center. This new ECM app store helps customers and partners quickly download and use packaged apps, modules and optional features to extend their Nuxeo applications.

Nuxeo continues to contribute to open source projects such as Apache Stanbol and Apache Chemistry (news, site). They're also offering technical training on Nuxeo Document Management at Nuxeo Boston in January 2011, registration is open.


In November, Open Melody (news, site) 1.0 beta 2 was released. Features new since beta 1 include:

  • A redesigned manage entries screen
  • A re-styled user interface
  • A quick look feature for pages and entries
  • Fast re-publish for pages and entries
  • An upgrade wizard for those wanting to convert from Movable Type (news, site)

Coming next expect new hooks and callbacks for developers, making it easier to perform common tasks like embedding custom JavaScript and stylesheets.


In November, during the annual Plone (news, site) Conference in Bristol, UK, a new Board of Directors was elected for the Plone Foundation. The Board of Directors for 2010 - 2011 is Geir Bækholt, Mark Corum, Matt Hamilton, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Alexander Limi, Steve McMahon and Jon Stahl.

At the first meeting of the Plone Foundation's Board of Directors, offers were selected:

  • Plone Foundation President: Calvin Hendryx-Parker
  • Plone Foundation Vice President: Matt Hamilton
  • Plone Foundation Secretary: Steve McMahon
  • Plone Foundation Treasurer: Tony Roberts

The Plone Foundation's membership, at their annual meeting, also approved an official diversity statement, and the new Board named Alan Hoey as Release Manager for the Plone 3.x series.

A total of 275 people from 33 countries attended the Plone Conference. This 7 day event consists primarily of training sessions, plus the new Plone in Business mini-conference. Session videos are available online. One cool announcement that came from this event is that Richard Noble, OBE, the director of the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car, announced that his team will open source their project data and the car's telemetry data. The conference ended with sprints on Saturday and Sunday, with 80 and then 40 people in attendance focusing on 22 sprint topics.

Finally, those who want to preview Plone 4 features can do so on the Plone 4 demo site.

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

The highlight of November for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (news, site) was the release of Tiki 6.0. This release includes many of new features and improvements, and replaces Tiki 3 as the new Long Term Support version. Tiki 3 reaches End of Life when Tiki 7.1 comes out in April 2011.

November also brought two TikiFest code sprints in Europe, TikiFest Germany on November 12 - 14 and TikiFest London on November 22 - 24. Deutsche speakers may be interested in the new German Language User Group.

Coming in December are Tiki 6.1, 5.4, and 3.9 LTS updates. If you want to learn more about what's coming, check out this interview with Mark Laporte.


In November, Silverstripe (news, site) became the first open source web software application to attain Microsoft certification. They also picked up the trophy for the best New Zealand open source project and put out security releases of SilverStripe 2.3.9 and 2.4.3.

In December, there's a hackathon in Wellington on December 11, a Melbourne SilverStripe Meetup coming December 16.


November saw the release of TYPO3 (news, site) Long Term Support version 4.5 beta 1. This release marks the beginning of the feature freeze phase, so December will see a focus on stabilizing the release toward 4.5.0, which is scheduled for January 2011.

In other developments, the documentation team decided to use docbook for all further documentation, the combined Board and Steering Committee met in Zurich to discuss the record level of budget applications, and assigned extra funding for extJS developers to work on building the backend in the coming year. There was also a File Abstraction Layer code sprint in Dusseldorf on November 11 - 14, focusing on a database-driven layer between TYPO3 and your assets.

December will open with the release of TYPO3 version 4.5 beta 2, with beta 3 expected just before Christmas.


In November, the XOOPS (news, site) team released XOOPS 2.5.0 Final, which includes:

  • A major redesign of the System Module, which is now AJAXed with jQuery
  • Visual block placement
  • A new Help System for admin and modules

  • MySQL Dump in Maintenance
  • Column sorting in tables
  • Smarty plugins for icon packs and breadcrumb navigation
  • A new File Manager plugin

The XOOPS team also released the new XOOPS engine, X3, which was re-designed from the ground up to take advantage of third-party frameworks like Zend (news, site) and Smarty 3.

XOOPS also received the North East Asia OSS Forum Best Technology Award.


In November, the WordPress (news, site) team released WordPress 3.1 beta. New features include:

  • Assigning a post to follow a certain format for theming purposes (gallery, aside, link, quote, etc.)
  • Integration of some of the theme search and browsing features from WordPress.com
  • Improved linking to internal content
  • An administration bar similar to that on WordPress.com
  • AJAXified administration features
  • An updated TinyMCE
  • Multi-taxonomy queries
  • Indexes for custom post types
  • Admin CSS file cleanup
  • New personal user dashboards
  • Moved the Super Admin menus and pages to the network settings
  • Password reset improvements

Coming in December, expect the final release of WordPress 3.1.