Sponsored ArticleThe best content management software in the world cannot save you from an implementation disaster. 

Successful CMS projects achieve their goals as a factor of the implementation, deployment and change management processes as much as they do by way of the quality and features of the software being deployed. Some might even argue that deployment factors are more important than the software itself.

Join in this Wednesday March 21st at 11am Pacific time / 2pm Eastern time for a lively one hour discussion covering the top 6 major pitfalls associated with Web CMS projects.

During the talk you'll learn about:

  • Best practices for creating a full-proof migration strategy
  • What to do at the beginning to ensure happy web authors when the process is finished
  • How to differentiate implementation priorities of a Web CMS from a CMS
  • How much reliance on automation is too much when transferring your data
  • ...and much more

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