We're entering a big week in the IT industry -- especially for the silicon valley types. Oracle Open World kicks off today in San Francisco with keynotes from Larry Ellison and one of Oracle's two presidents, Safra Catz. We'll also hear from co-President, Mark Hurd, on Monday, Thomas Kilroy, Intel's General Manager, and Michael Dell and Larry again on Wednesday. It's quite a line-up.

Among Oracle's traditional DB- and ERP-centric topics, we expect to hear a lot about CRM and Social CRM, how Enterprise 2.0 is shifting the Apps business and of course, dear to our hearts, just what is next with the company's Fusion Middleware and Universal Content Management product space.

So, with all the forward looking statements the big boys 'n girls are about to grace us with, I thought it appropriate to consider 10 companies under $100 mil that are shifting the game.

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