Socialcast Analytics Suite Helps Filter Out Social Media BuzzSocialcast (news, site) seems to've echoed various vendors' recent-and very successful-forays into providing solutions for revealing what goes on behind the scenes of enterprise microblogging.

Their new analytics software, Social Business Intelligence (SBI), gauges social activity within company walls and scrutinizes interactivity patterns between users. Such deep digging allows the tool to cut out the useless chitchat and focus solely on valuable discussions.

Social Wheel Keep On Turnin'

Most of you are aware that microblogging and real-time information exchange, among other social solutions, are popping up all over the communication structure of companies. In a very Darwinian fashion, the next step in this particular evolutionary cycle seems to be a drive to understand the specific innerworkings of it.

With their new software, Socialcast is attempting to answer three specific questions:

  1. Why are employees using microblogging?
  2. What are they using it for?
  3. What ROI does it bring to the company?

Social Business Intelligence Screenshot

Social Business Intelligence Screenshot

If you're wondering why they've identified the need to understand such activity, Socialcast's very own Brooke Van Natta puts it like this:

"Understanding network structure and communication patterns can help companies leverage network effects, collective intelligence, as well as more quickly identify threats and opportunities; as well as the corporate social graph that has become imperative to unlocking competitive advantage. In a nutshell, with SBI companies can identify and understand the value of real-time conversations and social relationships within the enterprise."

Features Keep On Burnin'

Some of SBI's hotter features include:

  • Organizational Network Analysis: These tools to identify the "informal" connections between users
  • Interactivity patterns between users: These reveal proactive and reactive relationships with others in their social graph
  • Moments of transition: Specifically from passive to active usage, which allows companies to find people and topics that set conversation in motion
  • Interactive visualization of discussions: This feature reveals the most active messages based on user interaction, popular posting times and dates
  • Highlights the most popular messages and topics: This is self-explanatory. What kind of admin would you be if you didn't want the most useful or important conversations identified for you?

“Social Business Intelligence enables a company to optimize their social enterprise communications by identifying the topics and people that drive activity and enhance contribution from individuals, groups, departments and system-wide,” said Tim Young, Founder and CEO of Socialcast. “Our analytical suite will empower companies to discover individual talent and influence, recognize informal social communication structures, and understand the value of the network overall, using qualitative data for the first time in the industry.”

The Social River

To be honest, at t this point it's more like a vast and endless sea, but, you know, for all the Tina Turner fans out there, 'river' it is.

With SBI, Socialcast joins companies like Jive Software and Telligent in the business intelligence slash social media for the enterprise movement. Will Socialcast's inane chitchat filter be the feature that allows the company to one-up their competition? We'll let you decide. 

Currently, SBI is a premium Socialcast feature available to Enterprise clients starting today. You can get more info regarding the suite here.