We work in a digital world. There’s no time for email or waiting for return phone calls. We need collaboration now, in real time — and few of us work alone.

But can we really be expected to sit at our desks 24/7? Because that’s when we work, ask and answer questions … We’re global, we’re mobile and we need everything now. It has become our nature, and it can even be our key to gaining a competitive advantage.

While this work style might seem intrusive to those who grew up with landlines, snail mail and fax machines, it’s the norm to digital natives. They’ve refused to be weighed down by their employers’ ball and chains, and it’s not really necessary for them to be in the office all of the time anyways. They’re always on alert.

But it doesn’t seem to be a bother— it’s a BYOD world in which 83 per cent of millennials sleep with their phones.

How We Work

Communication has changed too. We’re exchanging information in phrases, not sentences or paragraphs. It makes sense and it makes everything more manageable.

Jive Software gets this. The company has been creating collaboration and communication solutions for the workplace since 2001. And while many of their established enterprise solutions are as relevant today as they were back then, we’re living in a mobile-first world in which we exchange information a bit differently.

“There is a massive paradigm shift in how employees communicate because they expect to connect as simply and easily as they do in their personal lives,” said Elisa Steele, CEO and president, Jive Software.

And while some things like WhatsApp or texting might be sufficient for our personal lives, it wasn’t built for business. Jive Chime, which Jive Software will be rolling out later today, was. It has a mobile-first, consumer-like feel, but meets the requirements for security and compliance that companies require.

Jive Chime Features_April 2015 (1).jpg

“Jive Chime is the simplest and most direct way to communicate in the workplace,” said Colleen Jansen, vice president of global marketing, Jive Software. “It’s mobile-first, end-user centric and the fastest way to converse with your team.”

Always On 

In other words, Jive Chime is a communications app that lets people quickly connect with colleagues and get the answers they need – it moves across mobile and desktop devices. It provides a ubiquitous, consistent and secure experience where employees, teams, departments or entire organizations can instantly start 1:1 or group conversations with colleagues regardless of what device they are on.

It also has some interesting features like “Presence,” a green light that shows you if someone you want to reach is accessible. And when it comes to discovering experts in your company or community to provide insight on a specific subject or task at hand, Chime can help do that too.

Employees can also set notification preferences according to their individual needs to stay in the loop without getting bombarded by alerts. People can also create and name Jive Chime groups, add and remove coworkers from conversations, see when messages are read and when team members are responding, and send team chimes as needed.

There are security and administrative provisions as well. IT organizations can leverage new administration features for adding, deactivating and editing employees’ profiles by uploading their directory in a centralized console. These features are available for $2 per user per month.

Success = Simplicity

So what’s the big deal? Jive Chime is a business collaboration app that succeeds because it’s simple.

Carlo Saggese, CTO of JCS Consulting, knows this first hand, because he was on Wi-Fi on a flight when a coworker “chimed” in with a problem. Despite the spotty service, he was able to help her through it, securely, via Chime.

“Real time messaging is all about fast, rich communication; it doesn’t have to be complicated, and Jive Chime proves that,” said Saggese. His company used it in preview.

You can check it out and use it, free of charge.