iGoogle (news, site) is Google's personalized portal home page and is making itself more relevant to Web user's needs by adding a bunch of new social Web features.

Social Gadgets on iGoogle

Hot on the heels of Google's new features for Web hosts, the general users gets some love today with the release of several new features for the iGoogle home page. If you haven't got one, create a Google account and you can turn the plain Google search page into your own collection of Web widgets in minutes.

The original battery of widgets included news, horoscopes, stock prices and a list of your Gmail messages among many others.

There are some 19 new tools from Google and third-parties. They aim to bring the iGoogle page more in line with other social sites. So, there are games of Chess and a Scrabble game from EA (which given the amount of time Facebook Scrabble eats up is probably a bad thing).

Brighten up your home page with fun and games

There are also some more news related additions with the Huffington Post, NPR news, The New York Times crossword and TVGuide. Each gadget can be placed anywhere on your page and sized to take up as much room as you'd like.

More social additions include Social Photos where you can display images from your Flickr or Picasa account and share them with other friends.

The total collection is a timely boost to a feature that doesn't get much press and can easily fall into disuse as users head straight to Facebook and their other favorites.

Social gadgets are currently only available on Google.com and Google.com.au, but expect general availability to all iGoogle users sometime soon.